6 Effective Arm Exercises to Eliminate Fat

· August 10, 2016
On top of following an exercise routine, you should be eating a balanced diet and avoiding extra fat to tone and firm your arms.

The survival instinct is responsible for the body’s tendency to store fat as reserves in case there’s a shortage in the food supply. This accumulated fat is especially noticeable on the arms.

To avoid having flabby arms, we need to first understand what causes them before we can do much about it.

Why do we need to exercise and strengthen the arms?

During the earliest stages of our evolution, the upper and lower extremities were vital to our survival, especially the quadriceps and triceps.

The tricep muscle is important because it provides the necessary strength to gather food.

Nowadays, however, we don’t need to use it everyday despite the fact that these parts of the body are genetically designed to store more fat than other areas. There’s also a lot of muscle mass in this area.

The unused fat turns into the flabby skin that we see on the extremities. The best solution for this problem is a combination of a balanced diet with effective exercises to strengthen the arms.

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6 arm exercises to increase strength and burn fat

Below you’ll find a wide range from classics to the latest trends:

1. Dips never fail


If you’re the type of person that prefers to stay at home, this is the exercise for you: all you need is a chair and your body.

  • Place a chair against the wall to keep it from moving while you exercise.
  • Stand with your back to the chair and place your palms behind you on the seat for support.
  • Bend your elbows to move your body up and down.
  • This will force you to support the weight of your body and will help you burn fat.

2. Pushups are good for increasing arm strength

You probably did plenty of these in high school gym class. All you have to do is lie on your stomach and support your body weight with your feet and arms as you move up and down.

To avoid injury, make sure you’re maintaining proper form. It’s essential that you use proper form when doing these types of exercises as doing them incorrectly could lead to more serious problems.

3. Weights are unbeatable

Dumbbells are really useful and easy to use. You can buy a pair and easily exercise at home whenever you want.

Weights offer you the ability to work on individual areas and there are several effective exercises you can do with them to strengthen your arms and burn fat.

4. Put your body in motion: flamenco dance


Many people eventually get bored with an exercise routine. However, you can turn that laziness into fun if we add in music and the creativity of dance.

In flamenco dance, the limbs play an important role. So on top of the fun, the different motions of the dance will give us a number of exercises to strengthen the arms.

5. Release stress with boxing

If you’re looking for a good way to burn fat off your arms and you lead a very stressful lifestyle, boxing is your sport. This form of exercise is popular among those with really busy lives as it releases the stress that accumulates during the day.

Punching bag workouts are the most effective as the triceps is fully activated when striking the bag. It guarantees rapid results without the need to fight in the ring.

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6. It’s not all meditation: try the cobra pose

Lie flat on your stomach and raise your trunk by placing your palms on the mat.

Push against the mat until your arms are completely straight, so that the weight of the chest is being completely supported by the triceps.

In general, yoga asanas are effective exercises for strengthening the arms. This has the added advantage of being low impact and less aggressive than other fitness methods, in addition to helping the body function at its best.

Keep in mind that none of the exercises on this list will prevent you from being able to do the others. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and the flab on your arms will disappear in no time.

If you keep up with it, sagging skin will never be a problem for you again.