6 Diet Tips to Help You Prevent Osteoporosis

03 November, 2020
You can help prevent osteoporosis with a healthy diet. Are you taking the right steps to do it? Read more about this in our article!

We all love to move freely. That’s why it’s important to prevent osteoporosis to stay healthy in the long run.

You probably already know that it’s important to give your bones the calcium they need in order to prevent osteoporosis. But are you doing it? Do you know how to accomplish it through the food you eat?

This is why we decided to share some dieting recommendations to help you prevent osteoporosis.

1. Start to prevent osteoporosis as soon as possible

How old are you? Does the possibility of developing osteoporosis worry you? Few people think of preventing this and other diseases when they’re young and don’t have any health problems.

prevent osteoporosis.

However, that’s exactly what they should be doing. The sooner you start taking steps to prevent osteoporosis, the greater your chances of success. In this regard, you should also check your family history.

If your closest relatives have been diagnosed with this disease, it’s advisable to start taking measures during your 20’s and 30’s. You should include calcium-rich foods in your diet that will strengthen your bone mass and prevent rapid degeneration.

2. Limit your salt intake

Another step to preventing osteoporosis is reducing the amount of salt you consume daily. While there are no studies on how salt affects your bones, it has been found that people with high blood pressure have greater bone density loss.

Also, you should know that salt increases the amount of calcium that your body eliminates through urine. If you don’t prevent this situation, your bones will become thinner over time.

To prevent this, take a calcium supplement or eat more calcium-rich foods.

3. Eat more nuts

A delicious alternative that will help you prevent osteoporosis is eating nuts and seeds regularly. These include pistachios, peanuts, and almonds. However, you must make sure they’re as natural as possible.

prevent osteoporosis.

These foods are rich in minerals that build stronger bones, such as phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and calcium. We recommended you only eat natural nuts because commercial versions often contain a lot of sodium and fat. This makes them very unhealthy.

You should ideally eat one to two servings of nuts each day. They’re the perfect snack to cut your cravings.

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4. Limit your soft drink consumption

According to a 2006 study, colas increase the incidence of osteoporosis in adult women. This study analyzed the effects of consuming caffeinated cola sodas and colas with phosphoric acid on bone density.

The result was that women who consumed cola soft drinks every day had some smaller bones in their bodies compared to those who avoided these drinks.

5. Consume dairy products every day

We definitely associate milk and milk products with osteoporosis prevention. Due to their calcium content, milk and milk products help keep bones strong.

prevent osteoporosis.

To avoid getting bored of them, alternate between the available options: yogurt, cheese, and milk. Three servings of dairy products per day is enough.

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6. Eat salmon regularly

Salmon is another food that can help you prevent osteoporosis. We’ve surely all heard about its weight loss benefits. What you may not know is that this type of fish is rich in vitamin D.

Your body needs this vitamin to absorb and process calcium. If you don’t consume enough vitamin D, you may have bone problems even if you do eat enough calcium-rich foods.

In this regard, you can also choose other foods rich in vitamin D such as tuna, mushrooms, and egg yolk.

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