Six Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Could Expire

· September 1, 2017
Did you know that towels can expire? Apart from losing their softness, the expiration date of towels and wash clothes comes from the possibility of them growing bacteria and other microorganisms as a result of humidity.

Nothing is eternal in life, especially not material things. In some cases, the signs are clear and even come in writing.

This is usually the case for canned foods and cosmetics.

However, there are many daily objects that also have an expiration date, but it is not totally explicit.

Some things that are frequently used that have an expiration date

Certain footwear, pillows, pacifiers, and towels form part of the list of things that are usually used daily.

Although they do not come with a specific expiration date, they should be changed after a determined period of time.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself if this is just some scheme to get you to buy these objects more often.

However, you really should pay attention to the expiration dates of these objects, especially for the sake of your health.

As we continue we will share more detail with you.

  1. Pillows

I am sure that you wouldn’t trade anything in the world for your beloved, old pillow. It took a lot to find the perfect one and you really love it.

And, despite it being a little old, it still does its job of supporting your neck comfortably as it should when you are resting.

  • The problem is that pillows also have expiration dates. They only last between two and three years.

And, regardless of the material that it is made with, as time passes it just becomes a home for mites. From there, allergies are the next step.

There’s nothing like coming home after a tiring day, taking off your shoes, and putting on your cozy slippers. But maybe you shouldn’t be so fond of them.

It is recommended to change your slippers every 6 months. If not, you run the risk of them becoming a home for fungi to grow.

And, worse than the smell, you may even develop a fungal infection.

3. Towels

These pieces of cloth, which are mostly used for drying our hands, are only useful for one to three years.

  • It is important to note that the loss of absorption or diminishing softness are not the only signs that you should throw your towels out
  • Since they are always damp or wet due to their constant use, they become a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

After a while, they start to smell so bad that even putting it in the washing machine will not make a difference. Instead of worrying more about it, just get a new one when it is necessary.

4. Toothbrushes

It’s almost vox populi that this dental hygiene tool is replaced every three months or less. Dentists never tire of repeating this.

But, what’s the reason? It isn’t just because the bristles become worn and lose their effectiveness on your teeth.

It is also because after prolonged use, you run the risk of infection– including gum diseases- because of fungus and bacteria that stay on your toothbrush.

5. Latex bottle nipples and pacifiers

You should practice extreme caution when it comes to the hygiene of babies. Do not worry about becoming too careful when it comes to this.

Therefore, the things that kids put in their mouths to suck on or for drinking milk from have to be changed constantly.

If your bottles’ nipples and pacifiers are made of latex they only last 2 to 5 weeks, regardless of how often they are used and what condition they are in.

This is because this material tends to crack and microbes can start to grow in the smallest of cracks. That is why they need so much attention.

6. Athletic footwear

Running shoes also have an expiration date that is not based solely based on whether or not the shoe appears to be deteriorating.

  • This is because after 400 to 500 kilometers, they begin to lose their ability to cushion your feet.
  • They also lose their elasticity and stability. This results in an extra strain on your joints. Because of this, it is recommended that you should generally change them after one year of use.