6 Brilliant Ideas for a Mini Garden

October 20, 2018
When it comes to creating your own mini-garden, you need to bear in mind how much space you have and what plants work best in this setting.

A mini garden is a small space you can use to grow plantsand thus get all the benefits of nature without needing a large garden.

In a world that’s becoming ever more concrete, and with a busy life full of demands, we now have a simple way to get back in touch with nature.

The Advantages of a Mini-garden

If you haven’t quite decided yet to create a mini-garden at home, here are a few advantages that you might want to consider:

  • They don’t take up very much space. You don’t need an enormous park to create one.
  • You can make it yourself.
  • You’ll reconnect with nature and improve the flow of positive energy.
  • It’ll help reduce stress because they’re very calming.
  • You’ll clear your mind because you’ll be thinking about something different. It’ll help keep you at ease.
  • You can give it personal touches and decorate it to fit in perfectly with the inside of your house.
  • You can include aromatic plants and improve your home environment.
  • It’s possible to even have a small orchard and harvest your own food.
  • They’re really simple to maintain.
  • You don’t need to invest a lot of money to make one.

Materials and Instructions for Making Your Very Own Mini-garden

Flowers in windows boxes making up part of a mini garden

Once you’ve decided to make your own mini-garden at home, consider the following materials that you’ll need to begin making one:

  • A flower pot, grow box, or another container. It needs to be deep, so it can contain the roots. It should also have holes in the bottom to allow the water to drain out.
  • Soil, sand, small stones, charcoal.
  • Decorations. They can be whatever you want, bridges, small figurines, etc. They can be wooden, ceramic, or made out of small stones. It can look really pretty if you add some lights or small artificial ponds.

We also recommend the following vegetation:

  • Moss. This is an ideal plant for a mini-garden because it’s compacted structure means it can store moisture. This helps your plants stay green for longer.
  • Plants. You need to choose the type of plant you want very carefully. They should preferably be small and grow slowly. It’s also best if they don’t need much sunlight if you’re going to keep them inside.

Before you begin this project, consider all this carefully.

And finally, here’s how to create a beautiful mini-garden:

  • First, fill your container a third full with sand or moss.
  • Then, add the soil and carefully place the plants. Try to leave plenty of space between them.
  • Then, cover with soil, water, and decorate to your tastes.

6 Brilliant Ideas for a Mini Garden

1. A Mini-garden in Recycled Tin Cans

A mini-garden in a recycled tin can

You can use tin cans from tinned food, or anything else for that matter, and paint them to your taste. Don’t forget to make some holes in the bottom.

If you like, you can put them in a line on a wall. Decorate them as you like and put them somewhere where you can easily admire them.

2. A Mini-garden in a Cup

Though you might not believe it, you can make a beautiful mini-garden in a cup.

  • Remember to make some holes in the bottom for the water to drain out.
  • Use small stones and plants that don’t need a lot of moisture, like a cactus.

3. You Could Use Buckets

Stacked buckets

If they’re large, you can use buckets to house many plants and decorations.

If you have a number of buckets you can create a beautiful composition in the corner of your home, and even add some lighting.

4. Corks

Natural cork material is perfect for plants since it retains moisture.

  • Take a cork, and with a knife or a scalpel, make a hole big enough for a plant.
  • Put in some soil, then a small plant, top up with more soil, and decorate.
  • Repeat this process with a number of corks. Then, tie a thread around them and hang them on the wall. You can also place them separately on a surface.

5. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottle being used for a mini-garden

Give your home a touch of originality with these recycled mini-gardens:

  • First, wash the bottle well and lie it down on its side.
  • With a cutter, make a horizontal cut, in such a way that a plant can grow but the bottle can still hold soil.
  • Make some small holes in the base and add soil, sand, small stones, or moss.
  • Choose the plants you like for your recycled mini-garden: remember it’s best if they’re small.
  • Finally, decorate to your tastes.

6. Wooden Crates

If you want a larger mini-garden you can make use of wooden boxes, like the kind they use at the supermarket. Remember to put something on the sides so that the soil doesn’t escape.

  • A larger box allows you to create a beautiful mini-garden since you’ll have more space. You can let your imagination loose and create some amazing things.
  • You could add a small plastic mould or bowl, painted blue, fill it with water and, hey presto, an artificial lake.
  • Little walkways made of small stones look beautiful.
  • It’s perfect for growing herbs or green vegetables for you to use in your cooking.

Creating your own mini-garden can be exciting. Furthermore, doing it yourself will reconnect you with nature, and you might even discover a new hobby as well as decorating your home.

Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!