6 Amazing Brain Exercises

· October 3, 2016
Although we never considered it before, monotony negatively affects our concentration ability. One of the best brain exercises is to include new activities in our routine.

The mind deteriorates and stops working as we age because of the stress we go through as well as the worries we experience.

If these factors are affecting your life, if you’re taking exams, if you suffer from anxiety or if you’re getting on in years, we suggest that you do the following exercises.

Before describing them in detail, we’re going to tell you about how the brain functions. As you may already know, there are two hemispheres in the brain: the right hemisphere and the left. Each one has a different function.

For instance,  the left hemisphere is in charge of the specialized language areas and logical analysis. On the other hand, the right side covers non-verbal areas of the brain and creativity. In this regard, the best brain exercises will be those that integrate both sides of the brain.

1. Brain exercises: brain gym

La postura al dormir y su impacto en la función cerebral

This brain gym improves creativity, concentration, psychomotor activity and makes it easier to learn things. In this gym, the sociologist Paul Dennison proposes a series of exercises  in 26 simple body movements that connect the two hemispheres.

He recommends warming up with thoratic breathing, as well as drinking a bit of water before the activity. Additionally,  you should ideally practice the prescribed exercises every day, repeating each one 10 times for 30 seconds.

2. Do the cross crawl

Gradually raise your right knee and touch it with your left elbow and then return to a standing position. After this, repeat the exercise, but with your left knee and right elbow.

This simple routine optimizes the balance of nerve activity, which results in an improvement in psychomotor activity and concentration, necessary especially for using your creativity.

3. Remember telephone numbers

Los-10 teléfonos-móviles-que-más-radiación-emiten

Unlike the previous exercises, this one only requires brain activity. Open your list of contacts, select the numbers you use most and then memorize them all.

Include this exercise in your day-to-day life and watch how your brain starts to easily memorize other things.

Memory is a necessary part of our brain activity as it allows us to develop important characteristics such as creativity, since we can only imagine things based upon what we already know. In this article, we list 10 strategies that can help improve your memory.

4. Listen to music

Something as eloquent as music can become your best friend during stressful times and while studying. Here it’s worth mentioning the work of Tomatis, who demonstrated that the work of Mozart helped in therapy to combat depression.

This is how the “Mozart Effect” came to be. The Mozart Effect is a set of psychological and musical research results that indicate that the rhythm and melodies found in the work of this composer promote brain oxygenation. Therefore, these aspects of Mozart’s music also improve concentration, by converting it into an amazing exercise for the brain.

5. Escape routine


Doing the same thing everyday relaxes the brain. Therefore, our attention span decreases, and with it our ability to concentrate.

Bearing this in mind, one of the best activities to exercise your brain is taking a different route home and becoming more receptive to new methods of socialization.

Meeting new people connects the two hemispheres, which is quite interesting. This is because on the one hand, we use intuition and curiosity when meeting new people, and at the same time, we use our logic, as well as our verbal skills.

6. Don’t put everything in the same place

In the same vein of what we said before regarding routine, by always putting everything in the same place we’ll recognize that this raises the appearance of automatism and, therefore, that we’ll have a lower attention span.

Nevertheless, moving one of your household objects will make you think about its new location, memorize it and remember it. This is a great workout for the brain, and the only objects needed to complete it are you and a household object.

In short, the tips listed above are some complementary brain exercises to the traditional ones. These amazing brain exercises are easy and quick to learn. The only thing you need to do is to add them to your daily routine.

So, what are you waiting for?!