5 Yoga Poses to Practice If You're Not Very Flexible

Are you not very flexible? Thanks to yoga, you can improve your flexibility progressively in a way that's adapted to your possibilities. Try these great poses!
5 Yoga Poses to Practice If You're Not Very Flexible

Last update: 20 November, 2020

There are many people who are very inflexible. This causes muscular and joint pain, as well as a great frustration while stretching or putting into practice some yoga poses.

Therefore, today you will discover 5 yoga poses  that will help you to feel better if you’re not very flexible.

Yoga is not only a practice that brings mental well-being, but also allows us to improve our physical condition. However, if you have very low flexibility, this does not mean that you can not practice yoga. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. There are suitable positions for you.

5 yoga poses if you’re not very flexible

Some of the yoga poses if you are not very flexible that we will see will help you, over time, to improve your flexibility. However, you must have patience and be consistent.

Of course, never force your body too much. This could hurt you.

1. Child’s pose

This is one of the first yoga poses if you aren’t very flexible that you will love. It is usually done at the end of a yoga session, to relax the muscles.

This position, which is also known as Tadasana, is very important. It stretches your hips, thighs and ankles, while decreasing back pain. Many people perform it after doing the pine posture to relax the cervical muscles.

Woman in childs pose

2. Downward facing dog

This second of the yoga poses can be somewhat uncomfortable at first. The way to do it is by creating a mountain with your body by stretching your arms and leg, while your head is between your arms.

The ideal position is with your feet are fully pressed against the ground. If you’re not very flexible, you will be unable to do this at the beginning, and you will have to lift your heels.

However, don’t worry. With practice and time, you will be able to move your heels down until your feet touch the ground. This position promotes blood circulation and stretches the body. It’s ideal for warming up.

3. Bridge

This position can also be difficult to perform correctly if you are very inflexible. However, like the previous one, with time you will know how to do it much better. Thus, you will benefit from all its advantages.

  • Lying on your back, raise your hips as high as you can.
  • Your feet have to be completely supported on the floor and your arms should be stretched along your body, with the hands interlaced.

This yoga posture helps to stimulate the organs of the abdominal cavity, in addition to improving digestion. It is one of the most important poses for women, as it helps relieve menstrual pain

bridge pose

4. Half pigeon posture

This fourth of the yoga poses if you are not very flexible is ideal for improving your elasticity over time. In the case that it is very difficult to carry it out, you can support yourself to aid the position.

This yoga pose improves body posture and alignment. Also, if you have sciatica problems it will help you to alleviate the pain a bit.

Woman in half pigeon yoga pose

5. Forward fold towards the ground

The last of the yoga poses if you are not very flexible that you can do is what is known as Uttanasana.

  • To do it, stand up your feet well rooted on the ground.
  • First, try to touch your feet with your hands.
  • If  you’re very inflexible, you don’t reach our feet, but it doesn’t matter. Stay at the height you can reach and hold your legs from behind.
  • The objective is to push your body as much as possible toward your legs and touch your head to them.
Yoga poses

All these yoga poses will allow you to improve your flexibility. There are some positions that will be very easy, while others will be a little tougher. The easy ones will help you to have confidence in order to continue advancing with other poses.

Are you a very inflexible person? Have you ever tried yoga? We encourage you try it, because it will help you achieve more flexibility with time. You just need perseverance and some patience.

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