5 Wonderful Benefits of Lemon Juice for Our Body

November 16, 2018
In today's post, we'll also show you how to choose the right lemons to get the most out of their properties.

What are lemons and why should you be consuming them?

As everyone knows, lemons are part of the citrus family. The lemon tree originates from Asia and spread to Europe and the Americas after the explorers took off around the 17th century.

Fortunately, lemon trees bear fruit all year round, which means that you can access them easily at any market.

Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C, B complex vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber. These all help your body stay healthy and process other foods more efficiently.

Though you might not believe it, every lemon contains more potassium than apples or grapes. Potassium helps regulate the body and prevents cardiac diseases.

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Benefits of lemon juice for your body

Benefits of Lemon Juice

Lemons contain an immense amount of vitamins and minerals that’ll make your body stronger and healthier.

Below, we’ll show you some of the benefits that this fruit can offer.

They’re a wonderful source of vitamin C

Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant. Vitamin C helps protect your body’s cells from premature aging.

In addition, the vitamin reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and common colds, such as the flu.

They improve your skin

Improves your skin

Vitamin C, and other vitamins, help reduce wrinkles and spots that result from sun exposure. Citric juice helps the body absorb more water, which is why you’ll notice that your skin is more hydrated.

They help with weight loss

You can add certain foods to your meals that’ll help shed inches. The antioxidants found in lemons help your body metabolize fats faster. That’ll help bring your weight down.

They improve digestion

Improves digestion

Many people drink lemon juice as a laxative or as a preventative measure for constipation. Lemons help regulate your digestion, thus making your body function better as a whole.

They give you fresh breath

If you eat lemons after each meal, they’ll help keep your breath fresh and subtle. Lemons remove any kind of odor lingering in your mouth after meals. This is especially true in the cases of heavily spiced dishes.

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Choosing lemons

Choosing lemons without stressing

You might already know how hard it can be sometimes to find a juicy lemon that can offer you all the benefits that you want.

Below, we’ll leave you some tips on how to choose the right lemons:

  • Pick heavy lemons. The heavier lemons contain more minerals and sugar, which means that lemons with a rougher skin are lighter (because they contain less juice) and have less minerals and flavor.
  • Looks for small ripples. Examine the skin before buying lemons. Lemons with smooth skin studded with small ripples are juicier.
  • Check the color. Yellow lemons tend to be sweeter while other citric fruits, such as green limes, usually are more sour.

How to consume lemons: Fast recipes!

There are many different ways to enjoy the benefits that lemon juice boasts for your body.

The properties of lemons barely change in every recipe, which means that the vitamins and minerals in each recipe stay the same regardless of the cooking method.

In order to maximize the amount of lemon juice that you extract from each lemon, firmly roll lemons out on a surface before cutting them. By doing so, you’ll get much more out of each lemon.

  • Lemon with warm water: Warm up one or two cups of water on the stove. When the water is hot, pour in the lemon juice and leave to infuse. You can drink it at any time of the day or night. For a special touch, add a little grated ginger, which will give the drink even more antioxidants.

If you want a refreshing drink, this one’s the right recipe for you. Whatever your preference, squeeze the juice of a half lemon and mix it into a glass of lukewarm or cold water. This is the best way to have lemon juice if you’re planning on drinking it on an empty stomach. It’ll cleanse your body of last night’s toxins that built up when you were sleeping.

  • Lemon with gingerAdd ginger and lemon to your dishes for an exotic touch. You can ginger and the juice of a fat lemon to your fish or white meats, making them delicious and nutritious.

Start having lemon juice today!

Now you know the benefits that lemons offer your body, don’t think twice about having it. Your body will feel great!

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