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5 Very Original Nightstand Designs

You can use almost anything you have lying around at home to make a very innovative nightstand. Check out these recommendations and select the idea that best suits your style.
5 Very Original Nightstand Designs

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Even though we use our nightstand everyday, it’s a piece of furniture that we usually don’t give a second thought to. Say goodbye to your boring bedroom with these very original nightstand designs!

Nightstands aren’t just the places where we put our clocks, cell phones, and picture frames. They’re also are an important part of a bedroom, a piece of furniture that’s typically found in this space. If you decide to choose the nightstand you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll change your bedroom dramatically.

5 Very Original Nightstand Designs

  1. Nightstands Made Out of Recycled Boxes

    nightstand made of boxes

The best thing about this idea is that it’s really easy and very cheap. You can find unused vegetable boxes in any greengrocer or supermarket, and these places will be happy to get them off their hands.

Once at home, you can paint them whatever color you like and even draw any design on them, like flowers or Chinese characters.

If you prefer something more sophisticated, another option is to just buy the boxes the color you want and then reshape them to make your nightstand.

Whatever your preference, it’s a highly customizable alternative that looks great in any environment. Make sure to try it out.

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  1. Nightstands Made Out of Tree Trunks

This is a perfect idea for those who love nature and cheap designs and consists of using tree trunks to make your nightstand.

Although it may sound too rustic or even dirty, don’t rule this idea out just yet, because these nightstands look beautiful.

First, you must buy or find a cylindrically-shaped tree trunk with a straight surface that’s not too tall that will suit your needs. Many choose to varnish the tree trunks completely, while others prefer to smooth the sides to remove splinters and only varnish the surfaces.

On the other hand, some people don’t smooth them out to make the nightstand look more rustic. However, most people choose to smooth them out to get softer nightstands.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • You can add wheels to make them more functional and so you can move them around your room.
  • Painting them white to match sheets and curtains is also good idea.
  • You can use more than one tree trunk to make many nightstands.
  1. Nightstands Made Out of Chairs and Ladders

    Original Nightstand

We bet you’ve never heard of this before. If you have a chair that you don’t use anymore or an old ladder, here’s a great way to reuse them. It turns out that these are two fantastic items make very original nightstands.

How to Make Them As for the chairs, they should be made of wood so you can recondition them. The advantage is that, besides being extremely innovative, you can also use them to hang things on their backs. Tip: varnish and try to match them with your floor, bed or furniture.

Now we’re going to explain how to make a nightstand out of a ladder. It’s actually quite easy. Like with chairs, you have to recondition them first. This will depend largely on how you manage to match them with your bedroom’s decor.

Be careful! Reconditioning them doesn’t mean getting rid of their vintage touch. This is the essence of this piece of furniture. Place shelves on the steps to expand its capacity. You should also add classic decorations to give your nightstand an old touch. If you add new things, it’ll probably look wrong in your bedroom.

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  1. Nightstands Made Out of Drawers

Does your family have an old piece of furniture lying around? Keep its drawers to make a very sophisticated nightstand. You can put them on their sides and add more wood in the middle to make some shelves.

If it’s a somewhat narrower drawer, you can attach it to another to make a wider nightstand. Yes, it’s a basic option, but it’ll look spectacular if you match it with the other things in your bedroom. It’s simplicity at its finest.

  1. Nightstands Made Out of Suitcases

    somes old, brown suitcases

If you’ve never seen any of these nightstands, you’re missing out. Again, the idea is to recycle unused objects, in this case, suitcases.

Your nightstand will look even better if the suitcases are colored. However, they’ll most likely be black. In that case, you can choose to paint them or cover them up to liven up your decor. If you don’t have any suitcases at home, you can visit a market or a thrift store to find some.

To turn these suitcases into very original nightstands, stack them up and place a framed mirror on top. In addition to giving them a different finish, this will allow you to enhance your room’s lighting.

The process doesn’t change if you choose an old trunk instead of suitcases. If you want something low and you want to level it with your bed, a pair of wooden blocks will help.

With these tips, you can take another step towards getting the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. These nightstands are very special and original and spruce up your decor.

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