The 5 Types of Happiness

· August 3, 2017
Did you know that there are five different types of happiness? Although they might seem very different to you, the types of happiness you experience in different activities are all similar in one way: they make you feel full of joy.

There are five different types of happiness you can experience. You may have never even thought about this. Did you believe there was just one kind?

Everyone knows that in order to be happy you have to be more present and in the moment, to distance yourself from worries about the past and future that you can’t do anything about, to spend quality time with your loved ones, travel, and enjoy life in a more intense way.

Where do you need to pay the most attention? In what situations does your happiness truly reside?

Types of happiness that everyone experiences

1. Daily pleasures

Believe it or not, every day of your life is filled with pleasurable experiences that make you feel positive emotions and lead to happiness.

Do you need to do anything special to get there? The truth is that you don’t, because if you can remember this common phrase, happiness is sometimes found in the smallest, most ordinary things.

You should try to pay more attention to them and understand that getting exercise, enjoying the smell of that first cup of coffee in the morning, spending a little time reading, or even doing a work project with a high chance of success can give you that feeling of happiness.

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2. The state of flow

You’ve definitely experienced this state, but the name might not sound familiar to you.

The state of flow is when you find yourself so immersed in an activity that you forget about the time and what’s happening around you.

It might have happened to you while painting, writing, performing some sort of physical activity…anything you enjoy doing can take you into this state of mind.

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This is the fruit of your happiness. If you enjoy math, for example, you might experience flow while performing calculations or any other types of exercises that include numbers and formulas.

This is one of those types of happiness that vary greatly depending on one person or another.

In your case…what is it that causes the world around you to cease to exist?

3. Happiness in relationships

Humans are social creatures, so building strong and healthy bonds with others is very important to us.

Although it’s true that sometimes solitude is necessary for your well-being, having people around you who love you, who you can trust, and who you share good times with is something that makes you feel wonderful.

4. Achieving your goals

Do you have any goals you need to meet? Are they connected to your values? Reaching these two things together can constitute another type of happiness.

When you achieve that goal, it will enrich your life, make you feel complete, motivated, and happy with yourself. It’s a very positive thing that also increases your self-esteem.

5. Does your life have meaning?

Many people find themselves lost, discouraged, and sad because they think their life is meaningless. This is sometimes the result of emotional gaps and unsolved problems that cause them to feel like they’re in a maze.

Being aware that you exist with a purpose, that you’re not just here to “be”, and that you have tasks to achieve is another type of happiness that you can experience.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what your path is. However, gradually you learn that you are here for a purpose. Having motivation to make your life something extraordinary can be indispensable to happiness.

Everyone can contribute something to the world. What do you contribute?

These five types of happiness are all equally important, and if you can feel good in any of these ways it will be the maximum expression of the true balance that you can find in your life.

Are you ready to be happy in all five ways? Happiness is not reduced to a specific goal or a complete situation. There are many places where it’s hiding and waiting for us to find it. Start today.