5 Tricks to Enhance Sexual Desire

April 1, 2019
If a person is lacking sexual desire it shouldn’t be taken lightly, because having sex is a part of life and, most importantly, pleasure

Have you heard of sexual emotions? Well, they’re part of everyday life. Enhancing sexual desire requires the following: desire, attraction, and falling in love.

It’s clear that each one contains its own meaning, but when it comes to matters of sex, they’re united.

Let’s break them down individually:

  • Desire: Desire is what drives you to seek sexual interaction. It’s not just psychological, because it increases after adolescence or hormonal changes occur.
  • Attraction: Once you have desire, something happens that draws you to a particular person in an inexplicable way.
  • Love: This is the phase in which they all come together. You fall in love when you desire and feel attraction toward another person.

Ideally this will be someone who meets your needs.

What is sexual desire?

This is also known as the engine of sexuality. In simplest terms, it’s the desire to be with another person in a sexual sense.

A mistake that many people make, however, is to equate sexual desire with arousal. The latter is a physiological reaction, meaning that you recognize your excitement when you have an erection or feel moist.

Desire, on the other hand, is just the force the drives you to seek pleasure. There may often be desire, in some cases, but there may be something blocking sexual arousal.

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Why would you not be able to achieve sexual arousal?

Sexual Desire

In some cases, your thoughts won’t let you relax during the act. The following may occur:

  • Fear: You don’t want to be embarrassed or fear rejection due to insecurity about your body.
  • Anxiety: You worry about what will happen, so you don’t allow yourself to let go. Just learn how to relax!
  • Stress: This is the enemy of all human activities. Of course, worry can also block sexual performance.
  • Judgment: This is more difficult to unlearn than to learn. Society is full of taboo subjects that make you feel guilty. Break free!
  • Communication: This element is essential in a relationship. It’s the only way to express to each other what you really like.
  • Passion: In this case, it’s not just about your carnal instincts. Carrying around a negative attitude in life will not allow you to enjoy sex freely.
  • Ignorance: There’s nothing better than discovering what the human body is capable of. Sometimes you might be afraid of something, but if you’re better informed nothing can take you by surprise.
  • Medications: Certain drugs, like antidepressants or blood pressure medications, have side effects, among which is a decrease in libido.

Does the absence of sexual desire have a solution?

Fortunately, it’s possible to increase your sexual desire, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

Having sex is in our DNA, but sometimes you have to work a little harder to overcome the problem. Pay attention to the following tricks:

1. Physical contact

Distance from your partner can start with a simple break. Both people want to take some time but they don’t say anything; they just distance themselves.

This causes physical contact to disappear. The caresses, hugs, and kisses are forgotten.

As long as they don’t return, sex itself will continue to wait as well.

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2. Don’t be afraid of erotic games

Don’t be afraid of erotic games

Actually having a satisfying night between just the two of you isn’t all that hard. It isn’t just about playing erotic games or trying fetishes that you don’t like.

The key is to ask for what you want, and of course also respect the wishes of your partner.

3. Break your routine

When was the last time you broke your routine? We get so accustomed to this fast-paced life and complying with rules and schedules that your sexual life becomes boring.

In fact, if you had to do it with your eyes closed, you’d be able to.

It’s a good idea to change up the spaces and provide a fun little nuance in each encounter.

4. Stimulating phrasing

Stimulating phrasing

With this, it’s important to remember the values and traditions of you and your partner to avoid hurting feelings. Sexual talk isn’t just rude phrases. You have to know yourselves as a couple and see how far you can go.

5. Love yourself

Not everyone has the courage to love and accept themselves. The previous steps are all useless if you don’t love yourself. A confident, happy person will always be desirable and won’t be shy in bed.

It’s time to get to know yourself literally from head to toe. Consider your emotions and your physical body. What do you want? Is there something you don’t like?

Try to maintain a positive and energetic attitude, but keep your mind open.

Don’t forget that there are no limits in the bedroom, until one of you doesn’t agree.

Of course, taking care of your health is also essential. It’s not just about keeping a balanced diet, but also getting exercise.

Take care of your appearance! It’s a way to show your partner how much you love yourself, and also to awaken their fantasies.