5 Traits of Irresistible People: Are You One?

Irresistible people have problems just like everyone else, but they know how to confront them with a smile and a positive attitude This positivity spreads to all who surround them.
5 Traits of Irresistible People: Are You One?

Last update: 09 September, 2020

We’re all familiar with what irresistible people are like and how they make us feel. They have something: some charisma or charm that goes well beyond physical appearance.

You may at first think that someone is born with this ability to attract others and that their attractive qualities come naturally to them.

But that’s not how it is. In these days of “coaches” and gurus capable of guiding you in numerous fields to better succeed in your daily life, it’s become clear that being irresistible is directly related to emotional intelligence.

Let’s dig deeper.

What characterizes irresistible people?

Two people laughing and talking on the beach at sunset.

1. Irresistible people know how to connect with others

Travis Bradbery is one of the authors who has sold the most books about emotional intelligence. All of his writing has a concrete purpose: teach people various abilities so they can feel more successful and happy.

You might also think that irresistible people are able to connect with others because they have an inexplicable “something” that allows them to. The truth is that this “something” is actually a series of characteristics that can be learned. They are:

  • Empathy. They value the person they are speaking to.
  • Irresistible people are emotionally open and treat people with warmth.
  • They transmit confidence and security.
  • They are able to make the person they are with feel special.

2. They understand dignity and respect

Irresistible people attract others because they treat those around them with the same respect as they have for themselves. They don’t expose vulnerabilities, intimidate, put up walls, or use the selfish language of sarcasm.

At the same time, they understand that everyone needs to be treated with dignity. When there is respect, people “blossom” and offer the best of themselves.

We’ve all noticed it at one time or another. When someone treats us well and values us, it motivates us to give our best. It gives us strength.

3. Respect others’ boundaries

There is something that we like to see in others: knowing how to respect the time and private space of others, understanding everyone’s personal boundaries, and being conscious of them.

There are those who feel they have the right to interfere in our affairs, ask for favors, and invade the space where each one of us cares for our self-esteem and inner balance.

Irresistible people, however, protect, defend, and respect you. They will never get angry if one day you say “no, I don’t feel like going out today” or “I don’t share your opinion.”

They know how to show invisible respect without words that fills a relationship with harmony in which we feel supported, valued, and even protected.

4. They have a positive outlook on life

When we say positive, sometimes it’s a double-edged sword. There are people who are unrealistically positive and think that things work out on their own, or that good things happen if you wish hard enough.

On the other hand, irresistible people understand that life is about struggle, effort, and overcoming obstacles. Everything they do shows a positive attitude that is fed by hope, courage, and enthusiasm. Their energy and vitality are contagious.

5. They’re like a lighthouse in a storm

They give others encouragement, positivity, and motivation. Irresistible people make the difficult seem easy and have a humble heart that soothes us without asking for anything in return.

To be a lighthouse in a storm takes will, above all. It also means b

eing willing to see possibilities where others only see problems, courage to break boundaries, and the desire to do the best for the common good so that everyone wins and no one loses.

Two young women sharing a heartfelt embrace.

We’re all capable of radiating this type of attraction

It’s not easy. It’s not at all simple to have an attitude about life in which one recognizes him or herself in others to bring about this common good. Yet this tolerance of others is deeply needed these days.

Being irresistible may be a big challenge in our daily lives, but it’s worth putting into practice. To do this, start by caring for yourself and following this personal growth that little by little lets us offer our best to others by being happy ourselves.

When one is satisfied with one’s self and is happy, it’s clear to others. That’s when this magic is contagious and one becomes irresistible to others.

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