5 Tips to Get Rid of Flab

· April 10, 2015

Extra flab on the arms and waist can be quite bothersome for some, and difficult to get rid of even with exercise and diet. Drastic weight loss and gain can cause the skin to stretch in these areas, losing definition. Other causes include the passing of time, lack of exercise and improper diet. In this article, we want to give you a series of tips to help get rid of flab.

Steps to Fight Flab

According to specialists, one of the main causes of the appearance of flab is definitely a poor diet. We tend to sometimes follow a certain kind of diet to lose weight, which also makes us lose water and thus muscle mass. The lost weight thus happens in a lot of areas in your body like the arms, glutes, abdomen, or muscles. They will look soft because of this lack of water and musculature, which means that the skin that contained your fat before, will now look flabby and loose.

Let’s look at what actions we can take and what lifestyle habits we can improve to fight against that annoying flab.

1. Food that Strengthens Muscles and Burns Fat


This binomial is essential for not only losing weight but also for doing it properly without losing too much water and removing strength and resistance in your musclesThese are the kind that give your body strength, that perform an essential function with your bones and joints. If you take care of them and strengthen them through a good diet, you will avoid flab. It’s important to keep in mind that when you are on a diet, be sure that you are losing fat and not muscle mass.

  • Good protein: Proteins are essential for strengthening muscles. There are people that decide to go without them when they start a diet thinking that they will make you lose weight. This is a huge mistake, you should include them in order to have a varied and balanced nutrition. The most recommended protein you can find is in eggs and lean meat like chicken or turkey for example. Salmon is also great for getting a good amount of protein as well as almonds.
  • Apples: Don’t doubt it, apples with their skin are a more than great resource to get protein and help yourself burn fat. According to a study from the University of Iowa, ursolic acid, which is in the skin of apples, helps promote muscle growth and also lets you burn more calories at the same time.

2. The Importance of Antioxidants


Antioxidants are the best resource to fight against free radicals, which are those that little by little age your skin and thus favor flab. Moreover, vitamin C that is contained in a lot of them helps accelerate your metabolism and burn fat, never muscle. In other words, this type of fruit when consumed on a regular basis will allow you to boost smoothness and firmness of your skin, repair it, take care of it, and burn those fats that are harmful and not useful for your body.

Berries are great for getting a good amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, as well as oranges and lemons. They also give you collagen, which is essential for keeping your skin firm. So, whenever you can, make yourself a good breakfast with them, good natural juices that will always benefit you thank to their amazing contribution of vitamins and minerals.

3. Say No to Fast and High in Fat Food

Fotograf’a de Alimentos

This is obvious, everyone knows it. But sometimes fast food is an easy and fast resource when you don’t have time or when you are just anxious and want pleasure from eating sweets, for example. This is a mistake, all of that makes you not only gain weight but also by including high levels of salt and sugar in your meals, you will get bloated, accumulate fluids, and inevitable lose skin firmness. So you should already know: avoid them!

4. Be Careful With the Sun!


Are you surprised? Absolutely. We all know that the sun is necessary to our health, in order to synthesize vitamin D, for example. But being exposed to the sun for too long will cause your natural collagen to disappear, to lose hydration, and thus your skin’s firmness. So, you should always avoid sunbathing at the most intense times when the sun’s rays are the most intense (from noon to four pm).

5. Exercises to Fight Flab



The best kind are definitely the ones that are meant to correct flab in the areas that have more than you need. If you have more flab in your waist and abdomen, flexes and stretching are always recommended. If you want to tighten your legs and glutes, spend at least an hour walking quickly, biking, or swimming. These are small daily workouts that, along with a good diet, will allow you to improve your tone and correct flab little by little. It will require effort, as we all know, but nothing is impossible if you have a little bit of willpower. How about you start today?