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5 Tips for Staying in a Hostel

Staying in a hostel can be one of the best experiences you have on your trip. We'll share the best tips to make your stay great.
5 Tips for Staying in a Hostel

Last update: 26 October, 2021

There are many reasons why some travelers choose a hostel as the accommodation for their trip. Although a hostel is one of the cheapest options on the market, it’s also true that hostels have some very peculiar characteristics that make them not the best choice for everyone.

Below, we’ll talk about what a hostel is and give you the best tips for staying in a hostel.

The characteristics of a hostel: When to go and when not to go

According to a glossary of tourist terms, a hostel is a type of accommodation that has basic services. By basic services, we mean cleanliness, security, privacy (to a certain extent), and comfort.

However, a hostel is much cheaper than a regular hotel. It’s also important to mention that hostels have changed over the years and become an accommodation option for all ages and not only for young backpacker travelers.

Typically, hostels often offer shared rooms as well as bathroom facilities. Often, the common areas are characterized by being spacious and have a bar and TVs. Most of them offer kitchen and dining rooms for common use, which is an excellent way to save money on food.

In a hostel, everything is prepared so that those who stay are part of an open, friendly community in which friendships can be made between strangers. In fact, this is their chief characteristic: sharing a room with strangers and living the excitement f meeting new people all the time. However, it’s also worth mentioning that more and more hostels are offering private room services.

So who should go to a hostel?

In general, it’s the preferred accommodation for people traveling alone or with a group of friends. Also, it’s great for those who are on a tight budget but above all want to meet new people and make friends.

Who prefers other types of accommodation?

Families and business travelers often seek more traditional accommodation. However, if you’re an introvert who prefers privacy above all else, then we suggest you opt for another type of accommodation.

Viaje de mochilero para alojarse en hostales.
Hostels have traditionally functioned as an accommodation option for backpackers.

Tips for staying in a hostel

As we’ve already said, a hostel can be the perfect accommodation for some and a nightmare for others. If you are going to give it a try because you think it can be a unique experience, let’s see the tips for staying in a hostel that will help you.

1. Choose a good hostel

There are many options and the most expensive will not always be the best. Each one will have its pros and cons.

The best way to know in advance the quality of the hostel is to read its reviews. Many websites are dedicated to uploading reviews of accommodation. Even with the Google search engine, you can find reviews about the hostel you have in mind.

Keep in mind that there are party hostels that would not be very appropriate if you want to rest or be quiet.

Pay special attention to cleanliness, safety, and location. This last factor is crucial for solo travelers, as centrally located hostels are the most appropriate.

2. Tips for staying in a hostel: Select the type of room

We’ve mentioned that hostels offer rooms to share, but some have private rooms and exclusive bathrooms. In case you opt for a shared room and it offers bunk beds, don’t hesitate to choose the upper bed. This way, the other person won’t wake you up when they climb into bed. We also suggest you bring earplugs or headphones and a sleep mask.

Depending on the destination, some people advise you to bring your own bed linen and towel, as there may be an extra charge. If the site has cold temperatures, a sleeping bag might be a good solution. Don’t forget your rubber sandals for bathing, especially if the bathroom is shared. Finally, if you’re a woman, book a female-only room.

3. Take a padlock

Hostels have lockers where you can put your valuables and lock them with a padlock. The atmosphere in these accommodations is very relaxed. However, we recommend that you make use of these lockers so that you can rest easy and go on excursions without carrying all your belongings.

4. Tips for staying in a hostel: Respect the rules of coexistence

Make sure you’re aware of the basic rules in the hostel you choose. For example, if you use the kitchen or any other common area, you should leave it clean and tidy. Try not to make noises that will disturb other guests.

Another thing you can do is to leave your luggage ready the night before so you don’t have to do it early in the morning and disturb others. Use a head torch so you don’t have to turn on the lights at night.

5. Take the opportunity to meet people

The possibility of meeting people from all over the world is the best thing that a hostel can offer you. In fact, many of the activities that are organized there are designed for travelers to socialize with each other. There are playful meetings, free excursions are organized, and you might even find a travel companion.

Viaje en compañía tras alojarse en un hostal.
You might even find a travel companion when you stay in a hostel.

These tips for staying in a hostel will help you have an unforgettable experience

We believe that it’s worth giving hostels a try. You can save a good amount of money, especially if the accommodation has a common kitchen since you’ll be able to prepare your own meals. The services offered as extras are very complete and range from breakfast, bed linens, and laundry to the internet.

Plus, one of the greatest benefits is the connections you might make. The people who stay there are usually more than friendly and are always ready to make friends. So, we encourage you to choose the hostel that best suits your needs and enjoy your vacation.

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