5 Simple Tips for Fast Migraine Relief

08 October, 2018
Do you suffer from migraines? Give these great remedies a try and say goodbye to those uncomfortable headaches!

People who get migraines know how unbearable those hours can be and how negatively it affects their quality of life. Any noise or activity becomes an antagonist to the sufferer who just wants to rest until the pain goes away. Today, we want to share some tips to help you alleviate a get effective, fast migraine relief using homemade and natural remedies.

Get to the source of your migraine

fast migraine relief
Before we share our tips for fast migraine relief, we have to point out that these remedies aren’t the definitive solution to the problem if you have chronic migraines.

Migraines can involve a lot of different factors, including diet, stress, blood pressure, or muscle contractions. So, you have to tackle the problem at its source.

The tips we’re giving you today are old remedies that we’ve chosen based on their usefulness. They use natural ingredients to alleviate migraines in a timely, effective way.

They also enable you to avoid using drugs that may involve other risks or side effects.

1. Hot foot bath for fast migraine relief

When you get a migraine, there’s usually congestion in the head that results in pressure and pain.

All you need for this remedy is some hot water and a basin large enough to soak your feet in.

What should you do?

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the couch and place the container at your feet.
  • The water should be as hot as you can stand without scalding your skin.
  • Soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • It’s a good idea to have some additional hot water on hand to add if necessary.
  • When you’re done, dry your feet and put on socks.

This will help to relieve some of the pain and tension by improving your circulation and relaxing you.

2. Clay for the abdomen

clay for abdomen remedies
Placing clay over your belly is a remedy for just about everything. This central part of your body is a vital location that helps balance your biological functions.

When you place a clay poultice over your abdomen it has immediate anti-inflammatory, painkilling, and relaxing effects. So, you can apply this anytime you feel the need.

Leave it on for at least half an hour, though if you can, it’s best to leave it on overnight.

When you mix the clay and water, avoid using plastic or metal containers and utensils, which reduce some of the benefits of this treatment. Use glass, wood, or ceramic materials instead.

3. Coffee enema, another great way to get fast migraine relief

Coffee enemas have amazing benefits for your liver, an organ involved in migraines and many other health problems.

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To make it, always choose organic coffee bean grounds that haven’t been roasted. You’ll apply it using a rubber basting tool.

You need at least half a liter, so we recommend boiling a liter of water with three tablespoons (50-60 g) of coffee.

Apply the enema when it’s at room temperature, while lying on your right side. Try to hold it for at least 10 minutes before repeating this with the remaining half liter.

4. Lemon on the wrist

lemon juice
This ancient remedy is based on the cleansing properties of lemons, a citrus fruit that significantly reduces the body’s pH levels.

You just need to put half a lemon on each wrist for 10 minutes. It’s so easy that it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Drinking water with lemon juice can also help you when you have a migraine.

5. Massage using essential oils

The last of these five tips is probably the most enjoyable and relaxing one, especially if there’s someone else who can do it for you.

This treatment consists of massaging the aching areas of the face and head with a mixture of two essential oils:

  • Mint essential oil: It’s very refreshing, and mint is an aromatic herb that will provide you with immediate relief.
  • Lavender essential oil: Cleansing and relaxing, lavender can be your best friend when it comes to fighting migraines.

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You can dilute these essential oils with a little vegetable oil, lotion, or aloe vera gel, as they’re typically very concentrated.

Don’t forget to use only pure essential oils, because many places sell synthetic essences that don’t have curative properties and can do nothing but add fragrance to the room.

Give these great remedies a try and say goodbye to those uncomfortable migraines!

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