5 Tips to Relieve Mental Fatigue

To relieve mental fatigue, you should be aware that you need time for yourself. Going for a walk can reduce our concerns and help us see things from another angle, from a more relaxed perspective.

Who has not suffered from mental fatigue at one time or another? It is this pressure at the temples where a thousand worries, a thousand problems to resolve and an anxiety that speeds up our heart is concentrated.

It is this daily curse that is so hard to detach, to free ourselves from … What can we do? The first thing is to be aware of it. Understand that we cannot continue living with this mental fatigue as a “cloud” over our heads; this is not healthy. For this reason we want to offer you five simple tips that can help you greatly. Can you take note? Excellent!

1. Simple exercises of acupressure

mental fatigue

We have spoken about the advantages of acupressure previously in our blog. How, for example to alleviate headaches. But, does it really work? Yes, it does. We will explain how you should do it to relieve the mental fatigue you feel when you are overwhelmed and very overloaded:

Look at the photo above. This is what to do: it is nothing more than using two fingers, the index finger and thumb, and press with some force on this part of the hand. There are nerve endings here that when stimulated provide relief. It is very easy and effective.

There is another “magic” point that is very suitable to obtain relief and relaxation. It is found at the beginning of the bridge of the nose, right in the little dip between the eyes. Have you found it? Very good, now with your index finger and thumb massage the area for 30 seconds. You will see how relaxing it is.

2. Stop for a bit and simply breathe

mental fatigue

You have just finished work but you continue thinking about what you have to do tomorrow. In your mind you continue shackled to the worries, errors and conversations of this work day. You arrive home and you have more work to do: the kids, purchases to make, dinner… How can you alleviate the mental fatigue?

  • Be aware of one thing: you need time for yourself, at least two hours each day to be yourself. To provide yourself with your personal space. It is not a whim, not at all. It is really a basic necessity for mental hygiene, thus “stopping for a bit” the daily routine that sometimes makes you drag.
  • Search out a tranquil and relaxing place. Here is where you will feel better.
  • Now, empty your mind of the worries and breathe deeply. After exhale little by little. Repeat this process five times, trying hard not to think of anything.
  • After this simple, relaxing exercise, do something rewarding for yourself. Go for a walk, read, take a bath.

3. Find shelter in your “personal palace of thoughts”

mental fatigue

As an example let’s say you are at work. In your office, your shop or in your normal place where you go each day to work and where you usually suffer much pressure. How can you, in any given moment, effectively relieve your mental fatigue?

  • You only need 5 minutes. Go to a quiet place or you can even remain at your desk if it is quiet there.
  • Look toward the window or some place that is calm. Don’t look at your computer screen.
  • Now breathe in and out calmly and deliberately.
  • And now what do you do? Use your imagination. Imagine something that you find pleasant, a place to where you’d like to travel, for example. Think about the beach where you normally walk calmly. Imagine the warm, caressing breeze, the warmth of the sand. Travel to this “personal palace” where everything is calms and there is no pressure. Relax here, “disconnect” a little from all these pressures.

4. Infusions of rose, lime and lemon balm

mental fatigue

An infusion of rose, lime and lemon balm is the most appropriate to treat episodes of moderate stress and anxiety. It is flavorful, light and very relaxing. It is ideal to soothe our mental fatigue.

You only need about 10 grams of rose leaves, 10 grams of lemon balm and 5 grams of lime. Add these to a glass of water (8 ounces) and allow it to come to a boil. Once it has steeped, add a little honey.

Drink the infusion slowly in a relaxed atmosphere, alone, quietly. Enjoy this moment without thinking of anything. Give yourself 20 minutes of rest.

5. The benefits of going out for a walk

mental fatigue

Few things are as relaxing and liberating as going out for a walk. You only need half an hour. Put on a pair of good shoes, if you like put a leash on your dog and go for a walk. A fast pace will always increase your circulation and make your heart work.

In this way you not only provide oxygen to your body, but also you free your mind and revitalize many things. You lower your blood pressure, reduce the worries and you see things from another angle, from a more relaxed perspective.

Let the breeze ruffle your hair and refresh your mind. The mental fatigue will begin to lose its intensity and you will find relief. Perhaps it will be in these moments when you begin to think about whether you should make some changes in your life. To establish priorities and think a little more about yourself.

You deserve to be happy and relieve yourself of some of these burdens that tire out your mind. Why not start today?

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