5 Things that Happen When You Reach Your Ideal Weight

November 7, 2018
To maintain your ideal weight you have to banish the word “diet” from your vocabulary in exchange for the word “lifestyle”. Just being aware of that small change will help you achieve permanent results.

It’s rewarding to look back after a while and see that your strong commitment to exercise and healthy lifestyle habits helped you reach your ideal weight.

Your gym routine is no longer as daunting as it was before and now you’re lifting more and more weights.

As for food, you’ve stopped eating hamburgers and it’s clearly noticeable in the way your body looks.

These are the things that happen when you reach your ideal weight. Get ready for the benefits and challenges of this new stage in life!

1. First things first: Celebrate!

2 fruit
Yes! Let’s start with the best thing. Reaching your ideal weight is an accomplishment. What a joy it is to see that your efforts were worthwhile. Now it’s time to celebrate.

But don’t go and throw everything to the wind. All that you’ve accomplished can be lost in a simple celebration.

  • One of the things you can do to show everyone how happy you are is to wear that dress you left in the back of the closet that you can finally fit into again.
  • You can also sign up for that dance class you didn’t think you could do before.
  • You can organize a small party with your loved ones. However, don’t serve cake or empty carbs. You should choose chopped fruit, desserts made with yogurt, and other similar options.

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2. Once you join the club, you can’t leave

Once you make the decision to have better eating habits, you can’t quit. People who have succeeded in reaching their ideal weight are those who tried to eat in a well-balanced manner. They need to continue to eat well in order to avoid going back to their prior weight.

However, to be a part of this great group of people who are successful throughout the year, there’s something very important that you should know: you must erase the word “diet” from your mind.

Once you eliminate that word, fill that space in your mind with a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately it’s not a diet, but rather a set of good habits that will be the key to maintaining your ideal weight forever.

3. You can enjoy delicious foods once you reach your ideal weight

3 movie with friends
Now that you understand that this is a lifestyle, there shouldn’t be certain prohibited things to keep you from being happy.

The most uncomfortable thing about a diet is that you’re definitely not allowed to have many different foods. However, you’re not a robot.

You may have cravings, and you also may feel sad or get frustrated when you can’t have something. This makes the prohibited item even more appealing.

It’s okay to give yourself the freedom to eat a dessert or a delicious baguette. You don’t even need to limit yourself to once a month. Once a week won’t harm you. Remember once again that this is a lifestyle, but don’t take this point too seriously.

You can also try some healthy alternatives that remind you of the things you miss: homemade nut bread instead of store-bought, banana chips, sweets made with gelatin, etc.

4. Weigh yourself more often

There’s no need to obsess and weigh yourself every day. However, try to do so once a week or twice a month. Even more so when you’ve had a good workout to reach that ideal weight and suddenly it’s lower than you expected.

When you weigh yourself you can clearly see your evolution. You’ll need to keep a notebook and write down the changes. For example, if one week you’ve added a certain food and you notice some weight gain, you can ask your nutritionist if there’s a relationship.

Also, maybe after exercising for many hours you feel weak and your weight has gone down. In this case, you need to evaluate whether something isn’t working for you with your trainer and nutritionist.

5. You have loose skin under your arms

4 arm flab
This may not be your fault. Lots of people are genetically disposed to this annoyance. It also depends on how much weight you lost. Regardless, your skin doesn’t bounce back to where it was but instead hangs down in an unsightly way.

Some people opt for surgery to remove excess skin and others just decide to live with it. Whatever your choice, it’s a clear example of the effort you put into reaching your ideal weight.

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Welcome to this new stage of your life

When you reach your ideal weight it means you enter a new stage. Get ready for it and learn to love your body and the final result. There may be some things that you still don’t like about your body, but you can always work on them.