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5 Simple Steps to Stop Eating Flour

Finding healthy alternatives to refined flour-based products will provide you with health benefits and help you lose weight. Learn more here!
5 Simple Steps to Stop Eating Flour

Last update: 07 November, 2021

Eating flour has generated divided opinions over the years.

Doctors claim that white, refined flour is less healthy and should be replaced by whole wheat flour. This is because refined wheat flour usually has the germ removed, which is the part where nutrients and healthy fats accumulate, but at the same time makes the product less durable. Therefore, the product is more durable but less healthy.

However, most nutritionists don’t recommend eliminating flour 100% from your diet because it’s a source of carbohydrates that allow us to give more energy to the body. In addition, it serves to nourish vital organs such as the brain, retina, and kidneys, among others.

However, reducing your consumption of flour, especially refined types, can help you lose weight, control diabetes or cholesterol. Let’s take a closer look.

5 steps to stop eating flour

Flour is often consumed in the main dishes of the day and even can become the first choice to calm hunger in times of anxiety. For this reason, it’s a major obstacle to weight loss and has even been identified as a cause of digestive problems.

Considering that many are trying to give it up or, at least, reduce our consumption, we want to share 5 alternatives that can be quite useful if you want to stop eating flour.

1. Prepare healthy snacks to stop eating flour

Boniato frito y crema.
You can cook chips with sweet potatoes, which serve as great, healthy snacks.

A large percentage of the flour we consume is present in the snacks that calm our hunger between meals. Their crunchy and sweet taste tends to conquer our palate to the point of becoming addictive.

As it’s difficult to give them up overnight, it’s best to devise a plan that helps to eliminate these snacks little by little. To do this, instead of buying packets of chips, for example, prepare healthy, low-calorie snacks, such as vegetable sticks or cut fruit.

If you want to make them more interesting, you can dip them in a homemade sauce or low-fat cream cheese!

2. Don’t skip meals

One of the mistakes most people who want to lose weight make is to skip some of their main meals, thinking that this way they will avoid some extra calories. However, what they don’t know is that this produces the opposite effect, because it causes sugar lows that later result in an uncontrollable desire to eat.

Some studies have shown that skipping meals, far from helping us lose weight, can contribute to weight gain and the development of problems such as obesity.

The best option is to maintain a balanced diet, with a high presence of fruit and vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole foods, and divide them into 5 or 6 meals a day.

So, instead of eating large amounts on a single plate, distribute these foods to satisfy hunger at various times. The key is not to go more than four hours of the day without eating some type of healthy food.

3. Look for an alternative to stop eating flour

We’re so used to refined flour that we often think they are the only option to prepare our favorite recipes. The truth is that, nowadays, many healthy options allow us to make our preparations with other options that have additional benefits.

For example, there’s rice flour and chickpea flour that can be used to make pizza, pancakes, bread, and a wide variety of dishes. We’d also like to highlight that coconut, oats, and potatoes are all suitable for celiacs because they don’t contain gluten.

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4. Consume satisfying drinks

By consuming teas, herbal teas, or homemade smoothies (without sugar or sweeteners) instead of industrial drinks of any kind (including the light ones) you can keep food anxiety under control so you don’t have to resort to dishes loaded with flour.

Among the recommended ones are:

  • Boldo tea
  • Green smoothies
  • Oat milk
  • Orange juice
  • Canary seed milk
  • Chamomile tea
  • Almond milk
  • Valerian infusions
  • Flaxseed water

5. Avoid eating out regularly to stop eating flour

La comida chatarra es mala para la salud

This is perhaps one of the most important steps to achieve the goal without relapse in the attempt. Fast food places and restaurants don’t usually measure the amounts of flour and other unhealthy additives that cause weight gain. The worst thing is that the dishes look so attractive that it’s often very difficult to refuse them!

To avoid these temptations, it’s always best to cook at home, and always choose foods of high nutritional quality. In doing so, you’ll find that it’s easier to avoid flour and reduce your daily calorie intake.

Because of the addiction it causes, it’s difficult to eliminate flour completely from our diets. However, if we follow these tips, it will be easier to achieve the goal.

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