5 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Figure That You Can Do at Home

· May 24, 2018
It is very important that we find a medium intensity so that, if we are not accustomed to exercise, we adopt an integral routine that allows us to see results little by little without injuring ourselves

Physical exercise is essential to shape your figure and have good health. However, it’s also essential if you want to shape your figure to have healthy and beautiful curves. This way, you’ll achieve the perfect balance between thin and curvy.

In this article, discover the best exercises to shape your figure from head to toe. With this routine, you’ll be able to tone both the upper part and the lower part of your body.

The result will be more defined muscle, less fat, more flexibility, no flabbiness and greater resistance, vitality, and – of course – self-esteem.

Exercise routine to shape your figure

Shape Your Body Naturally

The exercise routine that we present below is simple but very effective. You can do it at home at any time and you’ll hardly need additional material. Yes, a mat can be useful, as well as weights if you want to increase the intensity (they can be bottles of water), and music also helps to maintain your energy.

The number of repetitions, series and intensity will be decided by you. You must increase them gradually to avoid too much stiffness or injury.

Overall, the ideal is to increase progressively until  you reach our goal. Then, you can stop raising the pace to stay at a maintenance level.

1. Squats


First of all, squats are one of the classic exercises to shape your figure.

They’re simple to do, they don’t require machines, and you can do them at any time. Plus, they’re very effective to strengthen and give a nice shape to the buttocks, thighs and calves.

How do you do squats?

  • To perform squats, stand up and separate your legs at the same width as your hips.
  • Then, bend our knees little by little. In doing so, lower your buttocks toward the floor as far as you can go without taking your feet off of the ground.
  • No matter what, remember to always keep your back straight.

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2. Jumps

Star shaped jumping

If in addition to toning the legs, you also need to eliminate fat, you’ll need to perform an aerobic exercise. This way, you’ll also increase your resistance and respiratory capacity.

An excellent way to achieve this is to perform different types of jumps.

  • One home exercise is to jump rope. This simple practice burns a lot of calories and fat.
  • Another option for those who suffer from joint pain may be using a trampoline. Nowadays, you can get individual spring trampolines to practice at home.

However, always keep in mind that you have to jump on the tips of your feet and not on your heels.

3. Plank

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The central part of the body always shows if you’re in shape. It’s common to accumulate fat in the abdomen, so don’t forget to work this area. However, a good and healthy diet is also essential to shape your figure, especially the waist.

Planks are an intense and effective exercise to strengthen your abdomen:

  • Lie face down and support your weight on the elbows and the tips of the feet.
  • Keep your body lifted off the ground, parallel to it, without lifting your buttocks too high, and while keeping your abdomen tight.
  • Hold this pose for as long as you can.

4. Push-ups

Woman Doing Pushups

The upper body is the fascination of men, and a great concern for women. Whether you want to prevent flabby arms, or if  you want to achieve a firm and beautiful chest, you must practice traditional push-ups.

There are many variations of push-ups. The initial position is similar to the plank position that we have discussed in the previous point. However, instead of the elbows, bear your weight on your hands.

You can also do them only with one arm and then with the other. Everything depends on your resistance and preferences.

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5. Back stretches

stretches to relieve lower back pain

To shape your figure, you must not only tone muscle and burn fat. It’s also essential to have good posture. A nice posture should not be with the chest to the left or the back bent.

Therefore, you must perform exercises to stretch your back.

  • Lie on your back and hug your knees with your arms.
  • Perform a gentle sway from side to side to massage your spine.
  • Then, lower your knees to each side and stretch. You’ll notice a stretch in the opposite side of  your back. Then, repeat the same on the other side.