5 Simple and Effective Tips to Overcome a Knee Injury

It's essential to maintain a healthy weight so as to not overload your joints in order to overcome a knee injury or to not make it worse.
5 Simple and Effective Tips to Overcome a Knee Injury

Last update: 11 September, 2020

A knee injury is one of the most frequently seen injuries in sports and not only in elite athletes. Unfortunately, ligament sprains or, worst case. meniscus tears, are very common. Read the following tips to help prevent and overcome a knee injury.

In this article, we’ll share the most effective tips to recover the mobility of the knees using natural techniques along with healthy habits.

An Optimistic Rehabilitation for Knee Injury


When you suffer a knee injury, you have to slow down your daily pace and stop doing certain things that you were able to do pre-injury.

This situation, if drawn out, can lead to discouragement and at worst, depression. After all, you may be wondering if the injury will end up lasting your entire life. In this case, it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude. Courage, a positive attitude, and a fighting spirit are factors that will help a lot in rehabilitation. After all, the mental battle against negative thoughts is long, since a full recovery can last up to 6 months following the injury.

Any stimulus that helps prevent you from becoming discouraged is good. It’s important to rely on family, a partner or on friends at this time. It’s essential to have a goal and to comply with the rehabilitation goals.

Tips for Treating a Knee Injury

If there’s inflammation or a specific movement that caused discomfort or pain, address the injury as soon as possible. Many injuries can be prevented if you listen to your body’s signals.

1. Apply Heat

knee pain

Knees are very responsive to changes in temperature. Ice and heat can alleviate pain and inflammation when applied to the knee. Massages, water bags, and heating pads all help, among other things.

Although it’s true that it is best to use ice to prevent inflammation and pain at time of the injury, after the initial injury, heat can be used on a daily basis. You’ll notice a good improvement and it will accelerate recovery.

2. Be Careful When Bending Over

The more weight you carry, the more tension your menisci and ligaments must bear. In fact, one of their functions is to cushion the joints between the tibia and femur when bending the knee.

Because of that, it’s necessary to pay attention to your posture when bending over and lifting heavy objects. Instead of tilting your chest forward and keeping your legs straight, bend your knees in order to keep your spine straight when bending over, getting up and lifting things.

3. The Importance of Footwear

Another weak point that negatively effects knee health is wearing a bad footwear. If there is weakness or discomfort in the knees, you must choose the footwear that’s most suitable for your condition. 

Shoes with a high heel or a sole that has too much of an incline forward creates a gait that’s unnatural. This causes not only your knees to suffer, but also your back. A flat and stiff shoe is also not recommended.

4. Neuromuscular Bandages (Tape)

Years ago, there was just one type of bandage to immobilize the knee during rehabilitation. However, today we have a neuromuscular bandage called Kine Tape.This type of bandage helps prevent knee injuries in a different way.

This characteristically showy bandage limits movement and respects mobility, all while offering a small massage. Furthermore, it offers a feeling of security and support.

5. Choose the Right Exercise for a Knee Injury

There are some exercises that aren’t recommended if you want to prevent or treat knee pain. Avoid high-impact activities in which jumps are performed or in which your knees rotate continuously in order to prevent harming the meniscus.

However, many times the knee injury may come from a deviation of the spine at the lumbar of pelvic level. For this reason, it’s also important to strengthen your abdominal muscles and stretch weekly.

Finally, it’s crucial to follow up with a specialized medical team if knee pain occurs, as this type of injury can become chronic. A poorly healed knee injury would undoubtedly worsen your quality of life and limit your mobility.

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