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5 Signs that You Are a Toxic Person

If you keep repeating the same patterns in your relationships with people, you need to ask yourself if the problem isn't with them, but with you. Are you a toxic person?
5 Signs that You Are a Toxic Person

Last update: 27 December, 2018

We’ve talked about toxic people and their behavior here before.

We’ve also told you it’s best to stay away from them. But have you ever thought about whether you yourself are a toxic person? Would you know if you were?

The truth is that we rarely stop to think about questions like these and everything that goes with them. But it’s important to take a minute and consider it.

Stopping to think about it is important because your interpersonal relationships are what give your life shape.

The problem is that when you’re a toxic person, you’ll find yourself in conflicted relationships that won’t bring any happiness or security to your life.

Now that you know, it’s time to learn what signs to look out for to determine if you’re a toxic person.

1. You talk badly about others


One of the first signs you may be a toxic person is a particular pleasure in talking bad about or criticizing other people.

Human beings are communicative by nature; in fact, we have to converse regularly.

However, when it turns into gossip, it’s not healthy or positive. Ask yourself:

  • Are you always criticizing people?
  • Do you only talk negatively about others and never stop to see the good?
  • Do you make things up just so you have something to say?

The truth is that people will learn to not trust you, even if that doesn’t matter to you.

Over time, people will lose trust in you when they see you putting others down. They’ll eventually distance themselves from you.

To solve this problem, stop talking negatively about everyone all the time. Seriously, sometimes it’s best to not say anything when it could hurt others.

2. You see life negatively

Another sign that you’re a toxic person is that you’re negative all the time. You find the negative side of every situation and there’s always a reason to be upset or angry.

If you kill time by being sarcastic, complaining about everything or being sad, you’ll end with no one wanting to be near you.

Don’t misunderstand; it’s not that there’s never a good reason to be down.

What happens is that spending time with someone who never sees things positively drains energy from people around you. If this sounds like you, it’s time to figure out why you’re doing this.

Unhealthy habits can lead to unhealthy attitudes. If you’re behaving like this for no apparent reason, you need to analyze your motive or what’s behind your negativity.

3. You expect too much from people


Spending time with friends, family, or your partner should be one of the most important things in your life. After all, these relationships are a part of what makes up your identity and makes you happy.

But if you’re expecting too much time from them, it could be a sign that you’re a toxic person. You need to remember that even if you’re a part of their life, you can’t take up all of their attention.

Interpersonal relationships are about giving and receiving time, space, company, etc.

The thing is that if you demand time and attention whenever you want it but aren’t there for your loved ones, they will feel used.

If you think you’ve fallen into this mistake, give yourself a minute to figure out if you’re giving as much as you’re asking from your loved ones.

We’re not talking about giving them money, but you can share an afternoon, a night at the movies or a café, or a chat. You can also learn to back down on all of your requests and demands.

4. You’re a drama queen (or king)

Another sign that you may be a toxic person is if you’re always exaggerating negative situations.

A person who dramatizes them ends up wearing down their relationships, tiring and annoying others.

Actually, some people really love causing drama, including:

  • Exaggerating problems
  • Creating scenes of jealousy
  • Fighting and arguing all the time

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, think about getting rid of these attitudes or at least gradually changing them.

Spending your life in the middle of drama doesn’t just stop being exciting after a while. People will start running from you, if they haven’t already.

5. You lie all the time


Lying is never a good idea, even when done with the best of intentions. If you do it constantly, this definitely means you’re a toxic person.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to face the truth when it implies facing some pain or embarrassment, especially for someone you love a lot.

In that case, if lies are harmful and should be avoided, it’s even more important to address if you only do it to “cover your back.”

You must think about why you’re lying and what you’re trying to solve.

If lying is a habit for you but there’s no real reason, make an effort to get help, because it’s not a healthy habit.

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