5 Signs That Show Your Intuitive Intelligence

Contrary to what many think, intuitive intelligence can be learned, and our subconscious and life experiences can help us make the best use of it

Intuitive intelligence is in style.

It’s far from this rational focus we apply to our world with logical analysis and is measured by an intellectual quotient.

These days we talk about multiple kinds of intelligence. Every person excels in one or many dimensions, which is where our greatness lies and therefore our power to succeed in life.

Authors such as Howard Gardner speak of the importance of human intuition. Instead of seeing this strictly scientifically, we now recognize it as a truly valuable concept.

Those who listen to their intuition can connect with their true selves, including past experiences, emotions and that “sixth sense” that allows us to find creative solutions.

We challenge you below to read the five signs that can be seen if you apply intuitive intelligence in your daily life, as opposed to a strictly rational and logical approach.

1. Your intuitive intelligence listens to and understands emotions

woman with butterflies on her hand

Albert Einstein used to say that the only real valuable thing is intuition. These thoughts that arrive from the unconscious world to the consciousness are like a gift from the brain. Of course, we’re not talking about just any present.

  • They are a reflection of the person that knows how to connect the perfection of their emotional world with their experience and their sixth sense.

Emotions are definitely a fundamental aspect of this. Understanding what worries us, what blocks us, what angers or makes us sad gives us clear and true knowledge about ourselves.

  • It is difficult for someone who does not know his or her self to generate creative ideas and make certain decisions according to his or her needs.

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True intuition comes from self-confidence. We can only apply true intuitive intelligence in our daily lives once we have a balanced sense of ourselves and what we feel.

2. You trust your hunches

First of all, let’s clarify that a hunch isn’t magic, precognition or a spiritual voice giving us advice.

  • A hunch is the voice of our unconscious. It is a quick answer in a specific moment when we must react.
  • When we feel a premonition, it’s nothing more than this unconscious world becoming conscious to help us.

To better understand this, here’s an example:

  • You don’t know someone, but a hunch tells you avoid starting a friendship or any kind of relationship. Why do we feel this way? Should we follow this hunch?

When these sensations come to mind, it is our own intuition sending us a message according to our past experiences, our personality, emotions and perceptions.

It’s as if we’ve opened up our “trunk” of experience to find an answer.

3. You’re observant and don’t let the judgment of others influence you


Some people don’t trust their intuitive intelligence and believe that you should not let yourself be influenced by these thoughts and feelings.

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But writers such as Robin M. Hogarth, expert in decision-making and author of “Educating Intuition” tell us the following:

  • Intuitive people are very observant.
  • They have a critical vision of things and are not easily swayed.
  • When making a decision, they trust their intuition, as well as any feeling or stimulus that could bring clarity.

Nevertheless, after listening to intuition, they always make a conscious and logical decision. Intuition is a great starting point.

4. You enjoy moments alone

Solitude satisfies our necessity to connect to ourselves. It’s the only time we are able to analyze our thoughts and understand our emotions.

People with intuitive intelligence are in frequent contact with their inner world, using meditation.

Being alone gives us something like this—to enjoy for one’s self and then have a better connection with the world.

5. You’ve learned to “see the signs”

woman in nature developing intuition

By understanding signs, we mean something very concrete.

You know when it is the best time to do something. You perceive when you are being lied to, when you need to act, and when you need to end a relationship or other responsibility right away.

  • Following these signs means being attentive and sensitive to your surroundings.
  • It is using an experience you’ve learned from that has led to wisdom and also your trust in yourself.
  • Following these signs means taking a brave step towards change and a new phase in life to achieve greater happiness.

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Generally, this sixth sense is fully developed in people between 40 and 50 years of age.

That’s when we have enough experience and security in ourselves to make changes towards happiness.

Intuition, like a sixth sense, can be learned, whether you are a man or a woman. We all can and should put this to use.

If you are interested, we recommend reading the following books:

  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. Malcolm Gladwell (2005).
  • Educating Intuition. Robin M. Hogarth (2002).
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