5 Signs You May Not Be Ready to Have Children

Are you really ready to have children? Having children isn't for everyone, and that's OK!

In general, topics about having children tend to be handled very delicately and aren’t often discussed with just anyone.

This is because people’s opinions on this topic can be so extreme and divided. Ideas can be heavily influenced by a person’s upbringing, their culture and even their religion.

Better said: we can all talk about whether or not to have children with everyone, but it can’t be discussed in the same way with everyone. There are still people that hold onto very strong beliefs governed by supposed ethics and morals that sometimes are a bit exaggerated.

Therefore, each person should reflect individually when it comes to having children.

If you have a stable partner, sharing your thoughts and ideas in a pleasant conversation can be a healthy way to reach an agreement about children .

However, showing a slight dislike for children can create a major problem if your partner’s life plans include having their own child in the near or distant future.

However, this way of thinking is not enough of a reason to avoid getting pregnant.

That’s why we’re going to present a series of arguments for why you might not be prepared for motherhood.

Why You May Want to Wait to Have Children

1. You love peace and quiet

loving peacefulness

It’s obvious that everyone is different. But despite some things, there are certain similar characteristics that always stand out.

That happens with peace and quiet. Although there’s a general idea of what peace and quiet is, everyone has a different interpretation.

If you are one of those people who associate calmness with peace and quiet, it’s possible that having children may not be the best idea for you.

This reason is, without a doubt, very valid and strong. You simply may not want a child at home who is constantly crying.

In short, tranquility is inexhaustible (at least in this case).

2. You like to read

For many who love to read, the best way to do it is in a quiet and tranquil setting. Therefore, we go back to our first argument. 

In general terms, those who enjoy a good book are looking for quiet and pleasant places to read.

A basic example of this is the library, where as a strict and universal rule, silence is demanded. The quieter, the better.

For this reason, it can be quite difficult for a child, especially when they’re very small, to contribute to silence or tranquility in order for others to appreciate books.

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s best to wait.

3. You lack common ground with children

children with rules

Another reason to hold off on having children, above all others, is if you find yourself lacking any kind empathy for small children.

No, this doesn’t mean you hate children. Simply and plainly, many people feel a little intimidated by their presence.

For example: when a relative leaves his children in your care, you may not know how to entertain them or speak to them. There may be no chemistry.

Thus, it is possible that having your own children may not be the most appropriate thing to do.

4. Pregnancy can be difficult

Since you haven’t been pregnant before, it’s impossible to know how your pregnancy will be. When it comes to pregnant women, people generally tend to react tenderly and protectively.

However, a situation outside of the norm may provoke a different response from those around you. It’s possible that becoming pregnant or having a child might not be the most ideal circumstance.

Beyond other people’s negative reactions, pregnancy can cause a certain degree of anguish and worry. Thinking about your pregnancy as something bad is not something you want to experience. Thus, if possible, it might be best to wait.

5. Unstable economic situation

value your children


It’s also possible that you absolutely love children and you feel like you would be a good mother. It’s even possible that you may want to have more than one child happily running around your house.

However, something can damage that beautiful fantasy. The economy is one of the reasons why many families are unable to establish themselves financially.

When the economy isn’t stable, it becomes much harder to have children. Although there can be many exceptions, life generally becomes hard for our children.

Overall, no matter how much you may want a child, it’s best to establish a decent economic situation first in order to have all the necessities for your family. 

What about you? Are you waiting to have children?

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