5 Relationships That May Ruin Your Romantic Relationship

When our relationship is based on communication and respect, these factors shouldn’t affect us. But, it’s a good idea to know about possible problem areas.
5 Relationships That May Ruin Your Romantic Relationship

Last update: 23 February, 2019

Are you currently in a romantic relationship? Many of us agree that feeling loved is very important. Finding a relationship where you feel loved and appreciated is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

But remember that communication can always cause problems. This is true even if you fit perfectly with your “soul mate.”

There are many different reasons. Sometimes we have to deal with baggage from past relationships.

Ex’s who want to keep the same romantic relationship as we had in the past can cause trouble.

Other times, important people will require both our attention and our time. But, keep in mind this can hurt your romantic relationship.

1. Mother-in-laws

The idea that mothers are always present in our relationships is very popular. This can be difficult in most cases. Difficulties are especially present for many people who have issues with their parents.

On the one hand, you and your partner want to give your romantic relationship importance.

On the other hand, your mother will always be an important person in your life.

In this case, the best thing to do is have patience. You might even think about how you’ll feel when your children get in relationships.

For the most part, it’s a good idea to establish a good relationship with your partner’s mother.

When you do this, you should also set and keep boundaries.  Some mothers-in-law can be more complicated than others. If they are, patience is important.

2. Friends from work


A major thing we see over and over is that your colleagues always get the best part of you. You always need to have a good attitude at work.

That’s the side of you they see. You support each other. You might even go out to eat together.

However, it’s normal to act differently at home than at work. This change can hit you pretty hard.

You start to think about the housework you still have to get done. And your partner might not be in a good mood.

It’s important that you don’t talk about your work friends too much at home. You also shouldn’t go out with them alone.

To be honest, jealousy is a delicate topic. It’s very possible that your partner doesn’t get upset when you go out with friends.

But it’s always good to put things in perspective.

Ask yourself, how would you feel if he or she was always going out with the same person of the opposite sex?

3. Best friends

You can’t deny it. This is a problem for everyone. We can all feel jealous of our partner’s best friend. And your partner probably feels the same way.

After all, many times they talk with their friend more freely than with you.

At this point, you can have all kinds of doubts. You might even be concerned that their relationship will ruin your relationship.

The moment may even come when you suspect that something is wrong.

The most important thing is to maintain good communication with your partner. Let them know that this bothers you.

You should also let them know you don’t want to create a tense situation.

Your partner should know how to set appropriate limits to avoid any further issues.

And remember, your partner probably feels the same way. Give them time and a little space.

4. Pets

It may sound strange, but relationships with your pet could affect your romantic relationship.

This usually only happens when you only have one pet. You show your pet unconditional love. But, this love isn’t like the love you give in marriage.

Sometimes your partner feels more at ease with showing attention to your pet than dealing with life’s problems. There are some signs to watch out for.

If your dog is taking up space on the bed from your partner you should think about this. Also be careful you don’t show more love to your pet than you do to your partner.

5. Personal trainers

When you work out, you get all kinds of hormones flowing. A major hormone released during workouts are endorphins.

These make us feel both happy and good. Because of this, the gym is a great place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Unless, of course, you already have one.

Your partner can naturally feel jealous if you talk a lot with your trainer. This can give them all kinds of wrong ideas.

If you want to have a healthy relationship keep this in mind: You must make it clear that you only have a professional relationship.

We won’t suggest that you change trainers. After all, trust is very important in a relationship.

But you might think about asking your partner to work out with you. If they do, they’ll see that the trainer or coach treats everyone the same.

Limits and trust: the key to a successful relationship

When you join your life to another person, this person becomes part of your family. You need to make sure that you are making time for them.

We know that work, kids, and other chores are important. But, remember, you decided to join your lives.

If you married them, remember, they are your partner for life.

Don’t let these relationships take you away from them.

It’s necessary to set boundaries, communicate, and trust each other.

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