5 Reasons Why People Always Take Advantage of You

26 August, 2018
Those who take advantage of you know you're not going to say no to whatever they may ask of you and may be aware that you'll easily succumb to emotional blackmail.

Sometimes, the people around us try to take advantage of us. They do this to make their lives easier while complicating ours.

Let’s talk about the reasons why people do this so we can overcome it. Today, you’ll discover why people always take advantage of you and how to deal with this situation.

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1. You’re uncapable of saying “no”

stressed worker

This is one of the key reasons why people always take advantage of you: It’s because you just can’t say “no.” 

You ma say “yes” if a coworker asks you for help in a project, even though you’re swamped with work and probably won’t sleep for days.

If this sounds like you, you need to ask yourself what’s happening inside you or what beliefs are stopping you from saying “no.”

  • Perhaps you feel obligated to help because if you don’t others may think you’re a bad person. Are you afraid they’ll get mad if you say “no”? Are you afraid no one will help you if you don’t help them?
  • Keep in mind that always saying “yes” can make them come to you for everything and thus burden you with certain responsibilities that don’t belong to you. This means you may need to work overtime and sleep fewer hours…

There’s never anything wrong with saying “no.” In fact, learning to say no is one of the best ways to stop being taken advantage of.

2. You look for others’ approval

Another reason why people always take advantage of you is if you always look for others’ approvals and they use this in their favor.

When you look for others’ approval, you try to please others, be liked, want other people to agree with what you say or do…

  • People who are adept at taking advantage of others can quickly spot a person who looks for approval.

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3. You let people use you

woman setting boundaries

We’ve all had a “friend” who only called us when they needed something. It could be they needed to talk, vent, ask for a favor… However, when you needed them, they were AWOL.

You definitely can’t rely on these kinds of people. You’ll always be there for them, but they’ll never be there for you.

  • One of the reasons people take advantage of you is that you don’t set boundaries.

Every relationship must have boundaries. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or bad friend. It simply means you value yourself enough to not allow people to use you.

4. You don’t allow yourself to express how you feel

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Another reason why this always happens to you is that you don’t express your feelings.

Therefore, others believe they’re not burdening you with their responsibilities and also that it doesn’t bother you that they only call when they need something.


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5. You feel you’re a victim of manipulators

sad woman

Unfortunately, manipulation or emotional blackmail are widely used resources in our personal relationships.

However, there are toxic people who are master manipulators. Therefore, it’s important to set boundaries, know how to say “no”, and cater to your needs.

If you feel you’re being taken advantage of, it’s because you’re not putting a stop to it.

Do you feel you’re a victim? When we victimize ourselves, we believe there’s nothing we can do, that things can’t change and that we just have to live with it.

We have to take responsibility for our lives. If you’re being manipulated and are aware of it, you’re allowing it. It’s not about feeling guilty. Think about what you can do to change this situation.

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Have you ever been taken advantage of? Did you manage to get out of this situation? These are some of the reasons why people take advantage of you. Analyze yourself to put an end to these situations that cause so much emotional strain.

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