5 Reasons to do Push-Ups Every Day

If your body isn’t used to doing a lot of push-ups, try not to force it too much in the beginning. Start slowly, and gradually increase your exercises.
5 Reasons to do Push-Ups Every Day

Last update: 07 November, 2018

Exercise is one of the best ways to burn a lot of calories, lose weight, and tone your muscles until you have the figure you desire. However, not all exercises involve all of the body’s muscle groups, and in most exercise routines you need to combine a cardiovascular routine with strength training to work different regions. Fortunately, there are push-ups.

Push-ups are one of those “all-in-one” exercises that benefit multiple parts of your body without requiring that you add new moves to your routine or work harder.

While it’s still a good idea to complement push-ups with other exercises, just using them alone will have a big impact on your shape.

The Benefits of Push-Ups

They Strengthen Your Upper Body

By progressively increasing the number of push-ups you do every day, you’ll build strength in your upper body without adding pounds of muscle.

This simple exercise works your chest and shoulders, helping you develop an upper body that’s strong and defined.

Work Your Abs

Although push-ups are technically an exercise for your upper body, they also train other muscle groups when done correctly.

When you hold your abdomen straight while exercising, it helps stabilize your spine. This, in turn, strengthens and tones your belly without targeting your abs specifically.

They Increase Your Energy Levels

Although exercise might sound like the worst way to relieve fatigue or weakness, doing a few push-ups could, in fact, give you an energy boost.

This movement improves your circulation, generates body heat, and triggers your brain to work more efficiently.

The best thing is that you can do push-ups practically anywhere, and it’s always available to you as a quick recharge without having to resort to energy drinks or pills.

They Increase Bone Density

As your body ages, your bone density decreases, making them prone to fractures. Weight training is an essential component of maintaining strong bones, and you also obtain this benefit from doing push-ups.

When you perform this comprehensive exercise you work different muscle groups, in addition to the wrists and elbows, all of which strengthens your bones and reduces your risk of an injury.

They Increase Your Base Metabolic Rate

When you do a push-up, your body must make use of several different muscle groups at the same time. This makes your heart work harder to pump your blood, and your breathing quickens.

The overall benefit is an increase in your base metabolic rate, which is a central component of weight loss and improved overall health. In just one movement, you’ll be getting twice the benefits because it fulfills the role of both cardio and strength training.

How do you do push-ups?

Now that you have some compelling reasons to start doing push-ups every day, you’re probably ready to get into the routine. If you want to build muscle mass, burn fat, and improve your overall fitness, pay attention to the following tips to make sure you do it right.

  • Lie face down on the floor or a yoga mat. Keep your feet together, and you should feel your body weight in your chest.
  • Place your palms on the floor beside you, separated by the approximate distance from your shoulders.
  • Flex your toes, so that they are touching the ground.
  • Push yourself up using your arms, supporting your weight on your hands and toes. Your head should remain in a straight line relative to your heels.
  • Straighten your arms and hold the fully extended position. Then, flex your elbows and return to the starting position.

In the beginning, you can do as many push-ups as possible, but don’t push yourself too much if you’re not used to the movement. As soon as you feel like you need a break, rest, and start again when you’re ready.

You can do several sets of repetitions and increase the total number as your body adjusts.

A good idea is to add two push-ups per day, but it’s important to give your body time to rest, as well.

Eventually, you’ll be able to do them all in one set without stopping. A simple goal for starters is to do 12 push-ups over the course of three days and start increasing from there.

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