5 Purifying Foods to Eat at Dinner

· December 20, 2016
Eating these purifying foods for dinner is a good idea because it lets them work in our bodies overnight.

Including purifying foods in our dinners is something that directly affects our wellbeing. Our bodies need to rest. This is especially true after a day of stress and fatty foods.

Here is something that’s happened to all of us. We get home after a long day. Hungry, we look at healthy foods and we don’t find them interesting. Vegetables and other similar foods look boring and “better suited for a diet.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Eating purifying foods to help your body is a great thing. Besides, they also calm your stomach.

There’s something more important than these things that we also need to keep in mind. Thanks to their nutrients, these foods clean our livers. This means they help to reduce the amount of toxins stored in our bodies.

If we eat these foods at the end of the day, they will help us more. They will allow our bodies to purify themselves during the night. This way, we will wake up with more energy.

We will be liberated from the things that make us tired. Plus, our bodies will be able to deal with the things that give us headaches and make us sick.

The best purifying foods to eat for dinner

We need to find foods that are rich in detoxifying enzymes. This way we can enjoy meals that are both healthy and tasty.

At the same time, we need to look for organic foods. These foods allow us to get the most out of the detoxifying process.

In this article, we will explain which purifying foods are the best and how to fix them.


1. Artichoke, an aid for your liver

When talking about detoxifying foods, one vegetable stands out: artichokes, besides being tasty have many benefits. They are one of the best options to heal your liver. Artichokes are especially good at getting rid of fats and toxins.

  • Artichoke leaves are fibrous and rich in cynarine.
  • The cynarine in artichokes is a phenolic compound. This means that it promotes the production of bile and aids the gallbladder. Cynarine also helps to rejuvenate the liver.
  • At the same time, artichokes have a powerful antioxidant effect. Because of this effect, liver cells are further protected against damaging compounds. Artichokes are anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and purifying.

Ways to eat artichokes for dinner

  • Artichokes can be cooked with lemon, garlic, and parsley.
  • Artichokes can be used in a soup with celery.

2. Beets, a source of health

Beets are one of the best purifying foods. This vegetable has many important substances. These compounds make beets a good part of a healthy and balanced diet. Some of the important substances we find in beets are:

  • Betaine, betalains, fiber, iron, and folic acid and betanin.
  • These nutrients are very important. They help us to both take care of our health and feel full.
  • Beets are also rich in pectin, a fiber that lets us eliminate the toxins in our livers.

Ways to eat beets for dinner

Nutritionists recommend eating raw beets. This will let you get all of the vitamins and minerals from them.

  • You can mix beet juice with either carrot or apple juice.
  • If you prefer, you can also chop them up and put them in a salad.

3. Celery, the great diuretic

Celery is an excellent source of beneficial antioxidants and enzymes. It also has multiple vitamins, like vitamin K, C, B6, and B9. It also contains minerals like potassium.

Alternative medicine has always used celery. It is a natural aid for the heart. It also helps increase the amount of urine your body produces. This is how it helps you to get rid of “any sickness.

It’s clear that celery doesn’t cure any sickness. But it does help us to feel better. To help us maintain a good internal balance, celery does these things:

  • Celery acts as an anti-inflammatory and provides antioxidants.
  • It regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Celery gives us fiber. This aids in digestion and weight loss.
  • It also provides flavonoids and polyphenols that help your liver stay healthy.

Ways to eat celery for dinner

  • You can chop it and put it in salads.
  • You can put it in light soups with artichokes or squash.

4. Kiwi, a good companion for dinner

Kiwi is a good thing to have throughout the day. But it will be especially good for you if you eat it for dinner.

  • Kiwi is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Plus, there is a very good reason to eat it for dinner. It regulates our nervous system and helps us to get a good night’s sleep.
  • We also can’t forget that it contains vitamin C. This is a fantastic compound. It helps to clean out your body, strengthen your immune system, and protect your liver.
  • Kiwi is one of the most interesting purifying foods. It contains a high level of fiber. This fiber encourages regular bowel movements.
  • At the same time, it is very rich in alpha-Linolenic acid. This acid is effective in fighting high cholesterol.

Ways to eat kiwi for dinner

  • You can put kiwi in salads. Put it together with spinach, nuts, salmon, cherry tomatoes, and, for a dressing, lemon juice.

5. Fennel tea, a good way to finish dinner

Fennel is a plant that has a smell similar to star anise. You can find it in any health food store. Fennel tea is a great drink to have after dinner and before retiring for the night.

Here are some good reasons to drink it:

  • Fennel tea has anti-inflammatory properties. These help us to reduce abdominal swelling and help digestion.
  • It is purifying and diuretic.
  • It helps both the liver and the metabolism.
  • Fennel has a high content of calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and Vitamin B3.
  • It is also very good for two other things. It can help to regulate anxiousness and it helps us sleep better.

Don’t forget to add these purifying foods to your dinner. They help both your health and wellbeing.