5 Psychological Tricks to Attract Other People

· June 15, 2017
Did you know that there are some psychological tricks that make you more attractive? Learn about them in this article!

True attraction is created in our mind. It intrigues us, excites us and fills us with curiosity goes far beyond the simple physical aspects of our lives such as our faces, eyes, and body.

There’s a cultural bias in that we believe that everything that is beautiful is good and that someone who is very physically attractive, in turn, hides fabulous personal qualities.

However, as we age more and attain more experience, we realize that this correlation isn’t always true. Furthermore, we also realize that, in reality, it’s much more intense and significant to be able to experience that other type of attraction where two minds harmonize in pleasures, values, and projects.

However, in today’s article, we want to stay in that area which encompasses the mere “power of attraction.”  You can practice ways to become attractive by using a series of interesting strategies that we can all develop.

Here are five psychological tricks that will help you achieve this.

1. Real attraction lies in self-confidence. Be authentic!


People who are confident in themselves captivate and attract. However, this security and self-confidence should never fall into pride or border on narcissism.

True self- confidence is when you know yourself and your strengths.  However, you’re also aware of your limitations. In addition, you have the ability to recognize them and try to improve them every day.

Furthermore, self-confidence is nourished, in turn, with other basic and essential dimensions.

Among these are high self-esteem, a positive self-concept, and a combination that includes a certain type of humility which will allow us to be much more open and closer to others.

The true magic lies in the balance of these dimensions.

2. Create your own brand

In a world of people who are mostly the same, being different is attractive. However, at times, many of us come to think that being different causes us to be detached, criticized and even separated from society itself.

Having a hooked nose like an eagle’s beak or being overweight, for example, can feel like real obstacles for getting the confidence to attract others. So can having an unsymmetrical face and being too tall or too short.

However, all of these nuances must be accompanied by self-confidence.

Demonstrate to the world that you’re unique, that you have your own brand and that you’re happy with who you are.

Let’s learn, therefore, to take advantage of our particularities.

3. The power of non-verbal communication

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Attraction begins with a gaze and knowing how to connect with others through it.

In turn, you also need to learn to think about your posture: crossed legs and crossed arms are like walls when it comes to generating confidence.

You must use open body language to show that you’re calm and at ease. Use your hands to gesture, smile to captivate, head to nod and show interest, and your body to show confidence and closeness.

4. Empathetic communication

The person who’s able to show they you can get close with them, who knows how to listen and is able to establish an emotional and cognitive empathetic connection, gradually becomes very attractive.

On the other hand, there are other people who have the habit of always talking about themselves with the idea of “selling themselves” just for show. They exalt their supposed virtues, abilities and fabulous skills, but what they really cause is discomfort and distance.

You must, therefore, learn how to establish a close connection with others. There are people who know how to do this by being authentic, sincerely interested in those in front of them, and never cease to be humble. This makes them highly attractive.

5. Something unusual


As we’ve pointed out, if you obsess about “fitting in” and sharing characteristics similar to other peoples’, you’ll only dissolve in the ocean of the ordinary without ever standing out.

Do you want to attract people, be different and have everybody focus on you in a room full of similar people? Then you must highlight a singular aspect that defines you. This is something that others will remember or identify you with.

You can be that person who likes the “pin-up” style, that original hair, or classic shoes. Or you can be that man with an elegant mustache, who wears a bow tie, or who always dresses casually.

Being original must harmonize with your appearance and way of being. You should never try to show something that doesn’t fit your essence or something that distances yourself from your identity.

Beauty is a work in process

Overall, these dimensions can and should be trained.

Most of them arise from self-knowledge. That is, only when we know ourselves will we understand what we can improve.

We’ll also be aware of where our strengths are. Furthermore, we’ll also know where that magic which captivates and which is able to get others to look at us is.

Lastly, don’t forget this: once you attract someone, you have to maintain the attraction.

If you trust yourself at all times, you’ll undoubtedly achieve lasting, fruitful relationships with friends, romantic partners and colleagues.

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