5 Problems Caused by Sleeping Poorly

· June 7, 2015

Sleeping poorly is one of the most common problems for adults and it can be caused by several different reasons. Moreover, sleeping poorly can be extremely harmful for your health. That is why, in this article, we will explain five common symptoms of not getting the right amount or type of sleep.

1. Contract More Diseases

One of the most evident symptoms that can tell you that you’re sleeping poorly or very little is that your immune system weakens. This translates into being more prone to suffering from diseases, especially those caused by viruses and bacteria like the flu. 

In fact, the immune system is the most affected by poor-quality sleep. When you sleep better, it is almost guaranteed that you will have less diseases and you will feel much better.

2. Changes in Sleep Schedules


When you sleep poorly, your sleep cycle and schedule tend to change. Therefore, a clear sign of sleeping poorly is finding it difficult to fall asleep. At the same time, you may also wake up much earlier than your alarm, meaning you haven’t slept the number of hours your body needs. Evidently, this has other consequences that can be very dangerous for your body. That is why you should pay a lot of attention to it because many people don’t take this into account.

3. Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is another one of the consequences and symptoms of sleeping poorly. This means that you suffer from fatigue for a long period of time, and it frequently tends to increase. This fatigue prevents you from doing various activities or from doing them well. It’s most common to have poor performance at work or not be able to carry out normal activities. For example, being tired all the time can cause work accidents and other things that put your life in danger.

4. Stomach Problems

Stomach gases

Sleeping poorly also has consequences on your digestive system, especially in the case of women. When that happens, you tend to experience diarrhea and constipation, because your regular digestion cycle has changed. It is also not uncommon to feel stomach bloating and bad digestion after eating. Some diseases like gastritis and colitis can be related to this as well.

5. Eating Sugary Food

Because of a lack of energy, not sleeping enough causes your body to feel the need to eat foods rich in sugar, especially sweets. As a result, if you eat this kind of product in excess, and most likely, gain weight for no reason, it may be a symptom that you are sleeping poorly.