5 Predators that Surround You Every Day

· February 9, 2017
The world is filled with emotional predators that may be difficult for us to recognize. Learn about 5 common predators that surround you daily and how to protect yourself against them.

Although emotional predators may try to neutralize us and put an end to our hopes, we alone have the ability to know how far we can and want to go. No one else can set our limits.

Predators have a very concrete end goal in every environment: to maintain the balance.

Having said that, if we distance ourselves from our wild natural environment and center ourselves on our domestic environments, another type of predator with a more dangerous profile emerges.

Far from maintaining a natural balance, this type of predator infringes upon you.

We’re talking about the people that violate the harmony of a home, a workplace or our life.

Many types of predators exist. However, there’s one thing we should always keep in mind: the enemies aren’t always just outside of us.

Powerful predators also dwell inside of us. They can violate our capacity for personal growth.

Today, we’d like to talk a little bit about the 5 different types of predators.

1. Predators that threaten your emotional balance.

One of the highest aspirations we have throughout our life cycle is to be able to gradually acquire an adequate emotional balance. This balance includes:

  • The ability to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences.
  • The ability to decide without being dominated or influenced by others.
  • The self-esteem, assertiveness, and resiliency that help shape us.

That being said, there are times when legitimate emotional predators around us restrict all of these goals.

They’re people who enjoy exercising power over us. They’re skilled in emotional manipulation and are wise architects of deceit, contempt, and the most destructive irony.

The most complicated part of all of this is that we often share very intimate, affectionate links with this type of predators.

2. Predators that seize you inside your comfort zone.


We all find relative balance in our comfort zones. Nothing is outside of our control, there are no risks, no fear, and we know the answers to everything. Unfortunately, however, these spaces can also host some of life’s predators:

  • Nothing new occurs in these spaces where routine can slowly shut down your well-being and your ability to be free, creative, and more mature.
  • Believe it or not, one of the most voracious predators is that which dwells inside our mind: fear.
  • Fear puts barbed wires around our happiness, corners us in our daily routines and whispers the message that “anything different or unpredictable is evil or dangerous.”

    3. Predators that tell you “You don’t know,” or “You’re not deserving.”


Has this ever happened to you? Maybe somebody once told you: “Don’t get your hopes up on that project, you’re not ready for it,” or “Stop thinking about him, he’s out of your league…” Don’t listen to these negative voices.

  • Remember that nobody has the gift of telling the future, and much less of questioning you.
  • Whoever finds pleasure in setting limits on your opportunities and aspirations is trying to have you under their control and, on top of that, keep you from being more successful, more worthy, and able to reach your dreams.
  • Only you set the limits on your life. Leave those predators of opportunity behind and walk away from those dream crushers who only want to lead you into the corners of unhappiness and failure.

    4. The predator that causes you to always make the same mistakes.

Why do I fall in love with the worst people? How is it that they always betray me the same way? Why do I always fail at the same projects time and time again?

If these thoughts are familiar to you, it’s likely that you, too, are living with a very familiar predator, a predator that causes you to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Why is this?

The cause, almost always, is failing to reflect on those same mistakes.

We need to learn to take a moment to discover the cause of our recurring mistakes and which mechanisms we should utilize so they don’t happen again. Always remember:

  • As we advance in our life journey, disappointment and failure become more habitual.
  • Before hitting ourselves with the same stone, we must learn to acknowledge it, to understand where our limits are, what works for us, and what we ought to avoid.

    5. Predators disguised in sheep’s skin.


Predators disguised in sheep’s skin are the ones that tell us to respect ourselves, love ourselves, and value ourselves.

They’re the ones who make use of two-faced warmth to reap benefits, to maintain an egotistic relationship or an self-interested friendship.

All of us have known people like this. Their appearance is always very friendly, maybe to the point of being seductive. They are skilled in communication but false in their feelings.

We need to learn to recognize them. Although we might have fallen into their webs at some point, we need to have that internal alarm available that tells us to get away, to protect ourselves, and to avoid unnecessary suffering.