Difficult Times Can Make Me Bend, But I Won’t Break

November 7, 2019
Although you might not realize it when you’re immersed in the situation, moments of hardship are learning experiences, and eventually you’ll smile and see them with different eyes.

Difficult times come knocking at your door without being invited, and what’s worse is that you’re usually not ready to face them. Adversity takes on many forms. Sometimes, even having the best support network or having read all the self-help books in the world isn’t enough.

Moments of hardship first and foremost require the proper preparation, from which we can rely on our own resources, resilience and emotional management.

Although you may have heard that “hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny,” in reality, during tough times, all anyone ever wants is to simply feel a little better.

Life will take you to extraordinary destinations when it’s ready, but when you’re in the midst of times of difficulty, don’t hesitate to remember positive affirmations.

Keep in mind that although difficult times can make you bend, you won’t break if you decide to embrace hope, however little it may be. Repeating to yourself helpful truths such as “this, too, shall pass” can help make a difference between giving up in despair and surviving dark moments. Below you’ll find more positive thoughts to stay strong until the sun shines again.

Affirmations That’ll Help Keep You Positive During Difficult Times

1. I Have the Right to Cry During Difficult Times, but I’ll Also Smile Again

An emotional release is essential to getting through an argument, a failure, an error, a hardship. Never hold your tears back or feel stupid for feeling dejected or lacking strength.

Remember, however, that this time during which you “embrace your demons” shouldn’t last excessively long. It definitely shouldn’t be permanent.

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Crying and releasing your sorrows have a very clear purpose: to help you accept what happened and to move forward, to promote change. You deserve to smile again.

2. The Person Who’ll Help Me the Most During Difficult Times Is Myself

You can survive difficult times, however dark they may be.

You might have true friends, an understanding partner and a loving family that care about you. That’s great, but the person who’s able to cope with your difficult times is yourself.

Without the will, energy or dreams, it’s extremely difficult to escape from that dark room that you now find yourself in. Listen to those around you, and let them help you, but you must set the gears in motion to move forward.

3. I Can’t Control My Situation, Only the Way I Choose to Confront It

There are certain things that cannot be avoided in spite of our best efforts: a loss, an illness, a breakup

No one can 100 percent control these complicated circumstances that life occasionally brings us. However, we’re responsible for our thoughts.

Saying “I can’t” will completely immobilize you and bring on other negative emotions. Saying “I’m able to get through this,” on the other hand, completely changes your outlook and gives you renewed strength. It’s worth remembering.

4. Life Is Lived Beyond the Line of Fear

Your comfort zone is that invisible space where everything within it is safe, known and controllable.

In times of hardship, you might feel adversity has crossed that boundary and imprisoned you with its long fingers. The calm you once took for granted is now collapsing.

You have to escape from your fear and take a step beyond that line.

If you’re afraid to think of what’ll happen to you after your loss, go to the other side, first accepting what happened and then remembering that life must go on—taking you with it. Get moving.

If you feel threatened or you’re afraid to be alone, rationalize those fears by remembering the that you’re your own best help. Let your heart give you strength.

Prepare your soul for difficult times.

5. I Need to Cultivate Peace and Inner Balance Every Day

You take care of your diet and your weight, as well as go to see your doctor for routine checkups. Now ask yourself: when was the last time you took care of your emotions and your inner peace?

When difficult times arrive, you need to be prepared, and there’s no better way to do it than by cultivating your inner peace each day, strengthening your self-esteem and self-understanding. First and foremost, know that life flows like a river, constantly changing. Whether you like it or not, you’re a part of this fluid movement.

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To conclude, because none of us can know when those difficult times will come to test us, it’s important to always prepare ourselves to rely on our resilience.

“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.”

-Frank Lane-