5 Natural Deodorants to Fight Body Odor

Before trying out any of these natural deodorants, you should see a medical specialist to make sure that there isn't a more serious problem that's causing your body odor.
5 Natural Deodorants to Fight Body Odor

Last update: 17 November, 2018

We should always be alert to the possible causes and treatments of this problem. Below, we’ll take a closer look at body odor and learn about 7 natural deodorants to fight it.

Reasons behind to body odor

Some people associate body odor with sweat (or excessive sweating). However, our sweat doesn’t naturally give off an unpleasant smell.

Foul odor usually originates from anaerobic bacteria that multiply, mainly in cases where the body doesn’t have enough oxygen.

Diet plays a key role in preventing foul body odors. When we follow an imbalanced diet, we force our body to eliminate the toxins.

There are the situations in which our sweat, urine and stool can give off strong and unpleasant odors.

In addition, the following causes might also be linked to body odor:

  • Menopause
  • High levels of stress
  • Diabetes
  • Internal parasites (intestinal worms, tapeworms, etc.)
  • Kidney diseases
  • Yeast infection

5 natural deodorants: solutions for body odor that you can find at home

The first thing that we should do in the case of body odor is consult a trusted medical professional.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, some diseases may cause certain parts of the body to give off strong smells. In light of this, before trying out any natural deodorant, making sure the odor’s origin isn’t a disease is essential.

After undergoing the necessary medical tests to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem, we can go ahead and try some natural, economic solutions to treat body odor. Below, here are some tips to use in your everyday.

1. Add detox foods to your diet and “cleanse” your body

Natural Deodorants

Considering our fast-paced lifestyles, it’s easy to neglect our diet. However, in order to fight off body odor, following a balanced diet and avoiding excess is crucial.

We also should add foods rich in chlorophyll to our diet, such as leafy greens and algeas spirulina and chlorella, in order to eliminate toxins from our body.

You should consult your doctor before making any kind of changes to your diet or before adding supplements. We’d also like to recommend our reads to seek out the help of a nutritionist to help structure a balanced diet.

2. Natural deodorants: sage tea to prevent excess sweating

Sage contains thermoregulatory and relaxing properties, which can help us relieve stress and prevent excessive sweating. This tea also boasts diuretic benefits, which helps cleanse the body.


  • 5 sage leaves
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


  • For a lovely cup of tea, you’ll need 5 sage leaves for every cup of water.
  • You should prepare 1 liter of the tea and drink it throughout the day (hot or cold), which will require you to calculate the measurements for the ingredients.
  • All you need to do is boil all the ingredients together in a pot for 5 minutes and cool before drinking.

3. Enjoy a relaxing black tea bath

Enjoy a relaxing black tea bath

When it comes to relaxing, not many things can top a warm bath after a long day at work. This black tea bath is a great idea for preventing body odor while enjoying a moment of relax.


  • 4 black tea bags (2 tablespoons, 20 g)
  • 8 cups of water (2 liters)


  • In a pot, boil all of the ingredients together and leave to cool for 5 minutes.
  • After, add the tea mixture to your bath, previously filled with warm water.
  • Lastly, all you need to do is enjoy the blissful aromatic bath for 20 or 30 minutes.

4. Homemade mint and rosemary deodorant

This is one of the natural, classic grandma-remedies that really work. It’s a natural, economic deodorant and it’s great for freshening up the body.


  • 5 rosemary springs
  • 5 leaves of peppermint or spearmint
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


  • Bring the water to a boil and add the rosemary and mint leaves.
  • Leave it to cool until it reaches room temperature.
  • After, strain the infusion and leave it in a jar with a lid.
  • For best results, apply the natural deodorant directly onto your armpits after bathing and dry the area well.

5. Apple cider vinegar to ward off bad odors

Apple cider vinegar to ward off bad odors

Apple cider vinegar isn’t only a great dressing for our salads. Its antiseptic properties help us fight off unpleasant odors, balance our body pH and eliminate bacteria.

In order to make natural deodorants with apple cider vinegar, we should always dilute it with an equal amount of water.

  • If we want to prepare a half liter, we should use a cup of apple cider vinegar (250 ml) and another cup of water.
  • We can use the deodorant on our feet, hands or as a spray for our armpits.
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