5 Mental Tips to Help You Lose Weight

May 26, 2019
This article will explore the best psychological strategies to lose weight. Starting putting these methods into practice!

Losing weight, whether it is because you are overweight or because you want to feel better about your body, can be healthy. There are some mental strategies that we can utilize to help our weight loss journey.

First, we should know if we are within our “ideal” or recommended weight. We can do this by calculating our BMI (body mass index). For example, if you are 1.70 meters tall, your ideal weight would be between 53 kilos and 72 kilos. There are several online calculators that can help you calculate this as well.

If you exceed the recommended BMI for your height or want to lose a few kilos but are having difficulty, these psychological strategies will help you. Below we discuss the most effective methods, so continue reading to find out how to make your weight loss journey easier!

1. Never go grocery shopping when hungry

Never shop when hungry

One of the first mental strategies is to never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. While this is common knowledge, people rarely ever practice it.

Grocery shopping when hungry is a big mistake because it will make you want to buy food that you do not need. Do not let yourself be swayed by discounts on sweets or choosing unhealthy foods that will not only hinder your weight loss but will also cause you to gain more weight.

2. Do not leave certain foods where they can be easily seen

Do you gain weight or have trouble losing weight because you cannot avoid eating something if you see it? Another psychological strategy is to remove all food from view that does not help you achieve your weight loss goal.

If it is something unhealthy like chocolate or sweets, it is best not to buy it altogether. However, if someone gives it to you, hide it in your pantry or give it away to someone else. You have surely gone through your pantry and found food that you had forgotten was there.

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3. Eat slowly and without rushing

eat slowly

Sometimes, you have no choice but to eat quickly. However, if you can avoid it, you should not eat fast. When you eat slowly and without rushing, you can trick your stomach. You fill your stomach before finishing your meal and therefore are full quicker. This also avoids feeling heavy or bloated after eating.

If you tend to eat breakfast very fast and in a rush, try waking up earlier. You may lose a few minutes of sleep, but it will benefit your weight loss goal.

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4. Reducing anxiety can help you lose weight

Anxiety can be one reason why you eat when you are not hungry. If anxiety eating is what causes your weight gain, you can start by implementing various habits that will help you reduce anxiety.

The easiest thing to do is to exercise. Exercising at night is preferable as it helps you release all the stress that has accumulated throughout the day. During the weekend, you can go on hikes or nature walks. All of this is excellent for reducing anxiety.

5. Do not eat until you feel full

eating until full

Do you feel too full when you finish eating? Do you always feel uncomfortable after your lunch break? The last of the mental tips is to avoid eating until you feel full. Some ways to do this include:

  • Put less food on your plate.
  • Do not eat seconds.
  • Do not eat dessert.
  • Eat food that you know will not make you feel uncomfortably full.

We tend to eat until we feel full, but this is not necessary. There is a point where we know that if we eat more, we will feel too full and digestion will be slower.

Are you currently trying to lose weight? Have you ever considered any of these strategies during your weight loss journey? We encourage you to try out these methods. On top of these methods, remember to exercise regularly and include fruits and vegetables in your diet.