5 Interesting Benefits of Rosemary for Your Hair

· March 5, 2018
Did you know that, in addition to minimizing oil production in your scalp, rosemary is also very effective for eliminating dandruff and helps with hair growth?

The benefits of rosemary are countless. Since ancient times, it has been part of a series of natural beauty products used by all women.

Rosemary is known for its high content of essential nutrients. In addition, it includes a high concentration of antioxidants that offer significant benefits for both the skin and hair.

When it comes to hair health, rosemary helps prevent hair loss and revitalizes your hair. This makes it ideal for treating problems that makes your hair look dull and lifeless.

Even though it’s an ingredient in many commercial products, its continuous use in its natural state also works as an alternative treatment.

Considering that many haven’t tried it, we want to share its 5 main benefits and how to use it. 

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1. It favors hair growth

Favors hair growth

One of the main properties of rosemary for hair health is its ability to prevent hair loss and stimulate its healthy growth.

First of all, this plant contains important concentrations of vitamins B and C. In addition, it also contains essential nutrients. Once absorbed into the scalp, these help to make hair appear more voluminous. 

  • Its extracts activate capillary irrigation and increase circulation in the area in order to correctly nourish the hair follicles.
  • Plus, it helps to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the scalp and decrease the weakness of the hair strands.
  • Overall, its regular application leaves your hair visibly abundant and silky.

2. It minimizes the appearance of gray hairs

Although it isn’t as potent as a commercial hair dye, the extracts of this plant work to diminish the appearance of gray hairs. 

Its high levels of caffeic and rosmarinic acid act as natural hair dyes. This minimizes the appearance of white and grey hairs.

  • Its direct application stimulates melanocyte activity. These are cells that are in charge of the pigmentation of your hair.
  • In addition, its antioxidant effect inhibits the negative impact of free radicals. These particles are in charge of accelerating the aging process of you hair.

3. It fights dandruff

Rosemary fights dandruff

The imbalances that the pH of your hair endures due to the growth of some fungi are the reason that annoying dandruff appears. Its symptoms include an uncomfortable itching feeling and flaking that can last for months without treatment.

Fortunately, thanks to its astringent and anti-fungal power, the extracts that rosemary releases work as a natural solution to end this problem. 

  • The components of rosemary easily penetrate your roots and eliminate the annoying white flakes that come with this condition.
  • Plus, its anti inflammatory action calms the irritation and controls the itching and redness.

4. It eliminates excess oils

The changes in the activity of the hair’s sebaceous glands can cause a big problem when sebum residue is retained in the scalp.

Rosemary, as an astringent ingredient, helps to decrease oil production to keep your hair fresh and hydrated. 

  • This stops the obstruction of hair follicles and lets the oxygenation return to its correct function.
  • Plus, it deeply cleans the roots and gives your hair a shiny and clean appearance.

5. It’s a natural conditioner

It is a natural conditioner

The nutrients in this great plant help when your hair is mistreated and has a dry, lifeless appearance.

Just like commercial conditioners, its extracts regenerate the hair strands and leave them with a silky and hydrated appearance. 

  • Its application in lotion stops breakage and dryness.
  • However, it is also useful to use it with other ingredients to increase its effects.

How do you make a rosemary lotion for you hair?

benefits of rosemary

There are many recipes that you can use to get rosemary’s benefits. However, we want to share a simple lotion that can easily be included in your beauty routine.


  • 2 cups of water (500 ml)
  • 3 tablespoons of rosemary (45 g)


  • Pour the water into a pot and boil it.
  • When it starts to boil, add the rosemary, reduce the flame and let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame, cover the pot and wait until it cools before you use it.

How to apply it

  • Strain the infusion, pour into a spray bottle and apply all over your hair and scalp.
  • We suggest that you separate your hair into different sections to make it easier.

Have you tried to improve the appearance of your hair with rosemary? Know that you know its benefits, try to use it in natural treatments and use it as an alternative for expensive conventional products.