5 Ideas For Minimalist Homes

Minimalist homes aim to have just the essentials for life, to help appreciate the beauty of things and to focus our attention, which can be difficult when we have too many decorations.
5 Ideas For Minimalist Homes

Last update: 16 November, 2018

Minimalism is one of the most widely accepted styles in current design trends. If you want to know what it’s about or if you’d like to try out one of its main concepts in your home, these ideas for minimalist homes may be very useful for you.

What do minimalist homes consist of? Minimalism is an architectural trend which, as its name suggests, is focused on having just the necessary minimum or the essentials.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a well-known 20th Century German-American architect was the first person to promote the idea. One single phrase of his is enough to summarize the essence of this trend: “Less is more”.

Minimalist homes stand out for their simplicity and their incredible ability to make things stand out thanks to this simplicity. Those who create these homes aim to create a harmonious and functional space. Of course, they don’t neglect aesthetics. Rather, they aim to get rid of unnecessary details.

Minimalist Homes

Minimalism can be applied both to the outside of houses as well as to their indoor decoration. When it comes to indoor design, this trend greatly emphasizes order and each object having its place.

Main aspects of minimalism

  • Simplicity.
  • Functionality.
  • Minimal items in general.
  • Cutting out all objects that are not essential.
  • Nature and light play a major role in design.
  • Straight lines and geometric shapes predominate.
  • Monochrome color schemes prevail, especially in neutral colors.

To achieve these goals, minimalist houses make use of wood, glass, stainless steel, chrome, marble and granite. When it comes to decoration, natural options like wood and stone are the main materials used.

5 great ideas for minimalist homes

Now that we’ve laid out the main aspects of minimalism, we can proceed to list a few ideas for minimalist homes. You can bear these in mind for a future project or adapt them to your home to get the best out of this trend.

1. Put everything away in your room

Put everything away in your room

Order is essential in minimalism. So, it is best to avoid having clothes lying around or hanging up all round your room. Design your room from this basic principle: if you took a photo of yourself in the room, you should only be able to see in the background the essentials for that room.

The main allies to this end are large wardrobes, ideally fitted to the wall. At least one chest of drawers will also be necessary; these can be found in lovely designs.

Lastly, if you can get hold of bedside tables with large drawers, they will be very welcome. Try to avoid unnecessary rugs and pictures. Floral prints don’t add much in this context either.

2. White curtains add space

As we mentioned, minimalism is an austere style. So, it makes sense that taking advantage of natural light is one of its main goals. To this end, as well as large windows, you can make use of white curtains made of translucent fabrics.

On the contrary to dark colors, light tones tend to give a sense of greater space to a room and increase the light. A detail that you can add is a large mirror: the reflection creates an effect of noticeably enlarging the space.

3. Aim for practicality in bathrooms

Aim for practicality in bathrooms

Some of the aspects that we mentioned in the previous ideas for minimalist homes can be taken even further in bathrooms. These include allowing natural light to enter, focusing on the functionality of objects and using light colored, clean items.

A good piece of advice for bathrooms is to use sliding doors, because they save a lot of space. The key to make good use of space is good layout: try to stick to geometric lines.

Some other interesting ideas:

  • Use large mirrors.
  • Have geometrically shaped wash basins and baths.
  • Use white as your base with some details in color.
  • Use materials like wood and stone to decorate.
  • Have some places to put things away, like drawers or wicker baskets.

4. Minimalist homes

The next idea for minimalist homes is about the kitchen. In kitchens, the main colors are greyscale with geometric furnitureAluminium, marble and granite are great materials to achieve the desired effect.

Worktops are used a lot in minimalist kitchens. They have the advantage that you can put electrical appliances under them and so gain lots of space. The same goes for the fridge: putting it up against the wall works well. Again, natural lighting should be used to the maximum.

5. Space for everyone in the living room

Space for everyone in the living room

As well as following the same principles as for the previous rooms, minimalist living rooms should try not to have too much furniture. Big windows are a key characteristic, as well as lots of lamps.

Strong colors to combine with neutral ones are allowed, but used delicately. This could be a piece of furniture, a sofa or a painting; the key is not to overdo it.

On the other hand, you should avoid unnecessary rugs and decorations. Technology is more than welcome. Modern televisions give a distinguishing touch to the whole room. Also, as it is functionality that you’re aiming for, it is a great idea to combine them with sound equipment to enjoy a good movie.

Although they don’t need much stuff, this kind of homes demand you to put your creativity and imagination to work. These ideas for minimalist homes can give you some initial ideas: now think about your tastes and get to work!

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