5 Ideas For Beautiful Recycled Furniture That You Will Love

November 2, 2018
Crates, pallets, pieces of wood and even barrels can be turned into perfect pieces of furniture for any part of your home. Are you unsure about this? Here are some suggestions to innovate with your decorating.

If you’re thinking about decorating your house, don’t rush into paying high prices for furniture that might not be worth it. Instead, have a look around you and think about what you can make with what you have to hand. To help you out, in this article we’re going to share some fabulous ideas for recycled furniture.

We often have the solution right in front of our eyes and we don’t see it. We don’t realize that instead of throwing out the things that we don’t use, we can recycle them.

To help you in the process of decorating with old materials, here are some innovative ideas for recycled furniture. They’re not far out and they’ll allow you to save some money without stunting your style at all.

5 marvelous ideas for recycled furniture

1. Shelving made of fruit boxes

Recycled Furniture

Go around the supermarket or to a greengrocers and ask for their spare fruit crates. 

You can make phenomenal shelves out of these simple wooden rectangles. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Use 6 o 9 fruit boxes and paint them a color you like. If you do this rustically and they don’t turn out too neat and tidy, all the better.
  2. If you have two longer pieces of wood, create two perpendicular slats to support the shelves and give them more stability.
  3. Attach the boxes to each other and to the slats with nails.
  4. If you like, you can add wheels and handles to each side to make it portable, but this is optional.

One last recommendation: you don’t necessarily have to make shelves of two or three boxes wide by two or three high. You can vary the height of the columns and this will give your new recycled furniture even more style.

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2. Coffee table made from pallets

For creative people, pallets are an invitation to get to work. If they find one that’s been thrown out, in a matter of minutes they’ll think of a use for it and bring it home.

Here’s how to make a beautiful, simple coffee table for your living room:

  1. The first step is to remove any impurities and, if you like, varnish or paint the pallet.
  2. Then, cut some pieces of wood to make table legs of the height you want. If you can get hold of iron table legs, even better, as they create a great rustic, industrial look.
  3. Screw them onto the pallet: it’s advisable to use one long screw on one side and two on the upper part.
  4. Place a sheet of glass on the top or use strips of wood to fill the empty spaces between one strip of wood and the next.

Another alternative is to use wooden wedges between the top of the pallet and the glass. This will make the table flat and make it higher, too.

3. Drink stand made out of a barrel

Drinks stand made out of a barrel

A redesigned barrel to hold your drinks bottles will give a unique distinctive touch to your living room. This goes perfectly if you have other wooden furniture, especially if it is made of dark wood.

To make one, follow these steps:

  1. Take a unused barrel and restore it: sand down the imperfections and varnish or paint it.
  2. Then, cut one of the sides, leaving 20 to 30 centimeters (depending on the height of the barrel) at the top and bottom. You can leave this part open or use the pieces of wood you’ve cut off as doors, attaching hinges on both sides.
  3. Put wooden shelves in the middle to act as a divider and make better use of the space.
  4. Leave the barrel lid attached so that you can use it to put open bottles and glasses on.

4. Hanging wooden furniture

If you find a corner of your house that could do with a little something, you should consider this option.

  1. Take a piece of wood, sand it down and tidy it up with a layer of varnish.
  2. Make four holes in the wood, attach an S-shaped hook to the ceiling, and tie four pieces of rope to the hook with a firm knot.
  3. Then, tie the rope through the holes in the wood, making a knot under each hole to support it.

Don’t put glass or porcelain items on this hanging piece of furniture. Similarly, try to position it in a part of the house where there isn’t much of an air current: although it looks very attractive, logically, it’s quite unstable.

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5. Shelves made with a ladder

Shoe rack made with a ladder

If you’re like most of us and shoes scattered around the room drive you crazy, here’s a solution to your troubles. By using an old ladder and some pieces of wood as shelves, you’ll have it all sorted out!

As with the previous ideas for recycled furniture, you can use colored paint, varnish and different techniques to give your shoe rack a personal touch.

As well as being very simple, this idea is very practical.

On the one hand, it’s easy to use and you’ll immediately be able to find any pair of shoes you’re looking for; and on the other hand, you’ll be able to store almost all your shoes on it. As a result, your room will look much bigger and tidier.

Now that you have some ideas for recycled furniture, all you need to do is plan what you want to make, find the materials and get to work. It’s a good idea to get some help, and this will also mean you’ll get a second opinion that might give you valuable suggestions.

The time – and the fashion – has come to reuse!