5 Healthy Cleansing Diets You Should Try

The idea behind a cleansing diet is to keep your body healthy. When you finish, you should keep eating a balanced diet so you don't lose its benefits. Learn more in this article!

Everything keeps adding up in your body. This includes eating too much, not getting exercise, drinking alcohol on the weekends, negative feelings, etc…

Because of this, you get sick, or you simply don’t feel your best.

To get rid of what makes you sick or is hurting your body, you can do what’s called a cleansing or detox diet.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to take advantage of one.

What is a cleansing diet?

The main idea of this dietary change is to clean your body. This means getting rid of the toxins that have been accumulating as time goes on.

In normal conditions, this wouldn’t be necessary. This is because your body relies on its natural purification system (using urine, defecation, and sweat).

However, in real life, there we accumulate things that we need to get rid of. This especially happens if you live in the city.

For example, many people do a cleansing diet after the Christmas holidays or vacations. This is because these are times when they eat and drink a lot.

However, you don’t have to be so radical. You don’t even have to set aside two specific times per year to detoxify yourself.

Cleansing diets provide your body with the compounds it needs to get rid of toxins.  These natural elements help you to get rid of excess and the things that are hurting you. This is done through your urine or defecation.

This kind of routine isn’t as restrictive as many think thanks to the fiber and potassium that encourage our body to carry out its purifying processes.

Among the benefits of these diets, a few benefits stick out. These include getting rid of liquid retention, preventing diseases, and reducing bloating.

Types of cleansing diets

In most cases, these are diets that you can do in just a day or a weekend. During this time you should only eat what they tell you. It’s necessary to stay at home without exercising or doing strenuous activities.

Some cleansing diets are:

Grapefruit diet

Grapefruits are powerful fat burners and detoxifiers. They also give you a lot of fiber and vitamin C. To do this exercise, you need to spend the whole day eating grapefruit. This can either be as a juice or in slices.

In the afternoon, you can combine it with fat-free yogurt. At night you can eat a spinach or lettuce salad.

Fiber diet

Oatmeal is the main ingredient during a weekend cleanse. You can eat it with skimmed milk and fat-free yogurt, orange juice, cereal bars, or with nuts like almonds.

In the afternoons, add a little fresh fruit (strawberries, apples). At night, you can have a carrot soup with leeks and celery.

Carrot diet

Spending a whole day eating carrots isn’t bad. It’s better if you eat them raw to reduce both anxiety and your appetite when you chew on them. However, you can also enjoy this vegetable all of the different ways you can prepare it.

We recommend a smoothie, broth, grated, or pureed with a little lemon juice.

Before going to bed, end the day with a natural tea.

Tomato diet

This is a great option for smokers (or people who have just quit smoking). It’s also good for women who struggle with cellulite.

Eat tomatoes any way possible for the whole day:

  • When you get up, drink tomato juice; for breakfast, eat tomatoes cut in slices.
  • At lunch, eat a tomato salad with bean sprouts and lettuce (you can dress it with olive oil).
  • For a snack, you can have tomato juice with mint. For dinner, have the same thing you did for lunch.

Before going to bed, drink a cup of tea.

Artichoke diet

This delicious vegetable has diuretic properties. It gets rid of stored fat, especially from your stomach.

The artichoke diet is a one-day diet:

  • At breakfast, eat a slice of whole wheat bread with artichoke cream.
  • When it comes to lunch, eat grilled artichoke hearts. For dinner, eat an artichoke casserole.
  • For mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, you can eat skim yogurt.

Can I do a “free” cleansing diet?

Many people don’t really like the idea of dieting for more than a day.

Maybe you’ve thought about eating healthier starting today. Or, it could be after having done a weekend cleanse.

In this case, we recommend eating the following foods that are known for their cleansing abilities:

  • Fruits (pineapples, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, oranges, apples, pears)
  • Vegetables (celery, asparagus, onion, endives)
  • Sprouts (wheat, alfalfa, soy)
  • Whole cereals
  • Lean meats
  • Oily fish
  • Yogurt

After a detox

What happens after a cleansing diet? This is a common question.

The idea is that once you’ve finished a diet, you shouldn’t binge on high-calorie foods. Increase the amounts of foods you eat little by little. Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible (keep the list above in mind).

Finally, don’t forget to exercise often. This can even be simply going for a daily walk. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Also, avoid fats, sugars, and bleached flours.

Drink natural teas and juices instead of soft drinks and green tea instead of coffee. In addition, try to find foods with whole ingredients instead of processed or refined ones.

This way, your body won’t keep as many toxins and you’ll enjoy better health.

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