5 Habits that Will Improve Your Quality of Life

April 2, 2017
Forget about strange new health crazes, crazy diets and weird gym fads. These tips are simple, easy ways to help improve your quality of life.

Every day, we see articles that give us advice, tips, suggestions and guidelines to improve our quality of life.

However, what are the real habits that will really help us to live better?

In reality, they’re quite simple and won’t cost you any extra money. Actually, they’ll help you save money and prevent health problems in the long run!

In this article, discover five habits that will help you improve your health and gain vitality, joy, and well-being.


Simple habits are the best

Los mejores hábitos son los más sencillos

These tips aren’t miraculous foods that go out of style after a few years, strange recommendations or big sacrifices for people who need to find motivation.

This is natural and logical advice that you may already know but may not have paid enough attention to.

However, if you incorporate these habits into your daily life you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Protect and enhance your bodily functions and prevent health problems.
  • Be more disciplined, which will help you to follow routines and achieve  your goals.
  • Save money in the short and long term.
  • Improve your energy and vitality levels.
  • Balance your mood.
  • Pass your positive energy on to others so that they join in on adopting the 5 best habits to improve their quality of life.

1. Drink water on an empty stomach

Water is essential. After all, has a doctor or nutritionist ever really recommended that you drink less water? Probably not.

Drinking water on an empty stomach and throughout the day is one of the best tips to cleanse your body, lose weight, and have beautiful skin. It also helps to optimize the overall functioning of your organs.

The problem is that we don’t realize how dehydrated we are given that we need to drink a lot before we even feel thirsty.

It’s hard to follow this habit, but when we do, we can’t stop drinking. In fact, our body will ask for more water in a natural way.

2. Steer clear of processed foods

Huir de los alimentos procesados

No more unhealthy calories, fats, or sugars. In fact, it’s more important to choose natural and unprocessed foods and opt for homemade food instead of looking at nutritional value.

Processed products are generally made with low-quality ingredients such as sugars and refined salts, white flour, hydrogenated oils and fats, additives, flavor enhancers, and so on.

These types of ingredients not only fail to nourish us but also become toxins that our body can’t absorb.

This is why you must know what you’re eating, know what it is and what it’s called, and get back those good old fashioned homemade recipes, such as salads, stews, roasts, and so on.

3. Follow daylight hours

When there was no electricity, people followed the sun’s schedule. They would go to bed when the sun set and get up with the first rays of sunlight.

Now, we don’t have to do that. In theory, we have all the advantages.

However, our body needs to follow solar biorhythms that influence our vital functions.

If you try to get up when the sun rises, make your meals earlier and go to bed when it gets dark, you’ll notice a big difference as the days go by.

You’ll have more energy in the morning, you’ll sleep better at night, you’ll lose weight, your bowel will work better, and much more.

4. Stay on the move

Estar en movimiento

Many people are forced to sit for a large part of the day, which is much more detrimental to your health than you think.

Exercising two or three times a week is critical your fitness.

However, moving during the day to avoid sitting too long is vital to prevent serious health problems.

We recommend you get used to getting up and moving a little every 45 minutes. Any excuse to is valid for the sake of your health.

5. Learn to breathe

We all breathe, right? We need to breathe to live. However, many of us only breathe to survive.

The pace of life, city life, stress, tensions, and so on are all factors that all suppress this vital function.

It’s essential to learn how to breathe in a calm and deep way and avoid superficial and choppy breathing. You can learn how from therapies such as yoga, shiatsu, meditation, osteopathy, and so on.

As soon as you start to breathe better, oxygen will reach your body better and you’ll feel more at peace and experience greater well-being.