5 Gestures That Happy Couples Do Before Going to Sleep

13 December, 2019
We all want a lovely, healthy relationship. For this reason, we're going to share the 5 gestures that happy couples do before going to sleep.

The words we say and what we think and do before going to sleep may be more significant than we think. For sure, the sum of these positive gestures is what maintains and nourishes our own well-being and so creates a healthy environment.

To have a lasting, healthy romantic relationship it is important to care enough about it to seek constant improvement. Of course, this is about team work.

If in doubt, it is a good idea to ask yourself the following question: do both of us put in enough care for the relationship to be magical, or do we wait for this to happen without making the most minimal effort?

No-one can deny that routine is one of the great enemies of couples. For this reason, it is important to fight boredom and strengthen the bond and affection in all the ways possible. Happy endings don’t fall from the sky, they are built day by day.

If you have no idea of what to do and recently the most exciting thing you’ve been doing is changing TV channels, have a look at the following list of gestures that happy couples to before going to sleep to inspire yourself.

It is not about over saturating yourselves and doing everything together, but rather about getting the best from each other for the benefit of the relationship. We guarantee that by putting some of these gestures into practice, you’ll feel like a better person and a better partner.

5 gestures that happy couples do before going to sleep

1. Talk

Before Going to Sleep

This is one of the most important things that happy couples do before going to sleep. It consists of simply taking the time to talk to your partner. Not due to obligation but to enjoy the other person.

To this end, try for a moment to talk genuinely about any subject; this is important to get to know your partner better and to take interest in their psychological and emotional world.

Some basic measures

  • Tolerance and respect. Knowing how to listen to the other person and respect their ideas. Although there may be a difference in opinions, there is space for both. There is no reason to censure nor lecture the other person.
  • Take care to be affectionate. It is important to have the conversation with care.
  • Patience. There’s no need to race ahead to share your own ideas or arguments.
  • Re-live funny, satisfying, happy moments together.
  • Laughter therapy. It’s never a bad thing to laugh a bit before going to sleep!

Of course, the ideal thing is to talk about subjects that don’t bring up stress nor cause conflict before going to sleep. However, nor is it about creating a fantasy and avoiding talking about certain critical subjects that are necessary for our growth.

Talking often improves the quality of communication, helps to relieve tension and strengthens the bond.

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2. Leave cellphones and electronic devices to one side

It is not necessary to do several tasks at once (check social networks, pick up clothes, and talk to our partner, for example) before going to sleep. In fact, if we really respect the other person, the most appropriate thing is to leave our cellphones to one side and value their company. It doesn’t matter whether you talk or are simply in silence in each other’s arms on the sofa.

Stop for a moment and think: if you are watching a movie, reading a book or doing any other thing together, is it really necessary to be looking at your cellphone? The answer is no. Technology can be damaging in this way. It distances us from what we want and sidetracks us from achieving our common goals.

3. Enjoy each other’s company

Enjoy each other's company

Something essential in the life of happy couples is to spend quality time together. The important thing is to take care of the details and be attentive with the other person, at the same time as allowing yourself to be pampered and loved.

To enjoy each other’s company it is important to be creative once in a while to bring some magic to the relationship. Planning a date out of the house, enjoying a special meal, proposing a time to just hug each other and be affectionate, playing a board game or even a good videogame together are some options for this purpose.

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4. Make love

We tend to take it for granted that being in a couple means having sex regularly. But, does it really? Happy couples make time to disconnect from everything else and explore each other, kiss each other and have good sex.

This is an extremely fun activity which will help you maintain your figure, release stress and improve your cardiovascular health. But the emotional effects are even more important. This is what makes couples feel truly bonded.

A common problem with sex is seeing it as something obligatory. This happens more often when a couple is trying to get pregnant. The problem is that the spell wears off over time. It’s important not to neglect the frequency.

Give yourselves the opportunity to enjoy the situation. Even if you have little time, try to make it fun and exciting.

5. Say “I love you”

Say "I love you"

Happy couples don’t assume the presence of love, but rather they show it in their actions and words. For this reason, a good habit every night before going to sleep is to tell your partner you love them, that they are important to you and that you value them.

Hearing this little phrase is a significant and transcendental gesture. There is no need to take away importance or commitment from this phrase if you say it with feeling.

You can say it, write it, or show it with a simple gesture. Don’t make it complicated. Sometimes small details are enough like making your partner’s favorite tea or snuggling up together before going to sleep.

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