5 Exercises to Reduce Your Bust Size

· January 14, 2019
Only women who understand the terrible back pain and uncomfortable movement of very large breasts know how unpleasant it can be. In today's article we're looking at exercise to reduce your bust size.

A woman’s breasts are often the subject of contention. On one hand, there are those who will do anything to grow an inch or two, even resorting to surgery. On the other hand, there are those who don’t care what the beauty magazines say – they just want to get rid of excess fat. If that’s your case, and you’d like to reduce your bust size then read on!

The key lies in diet and exercise. You don’t need to resort to pills or massages that will break the bank. What you do need to do is tone your muscles and lower your caloric intake to reduce the size of your breasts.

It’s important to note that the fat found in the chest area is subcutaneous fat, or the same kind that builds up around your abdomen.

What does this mean? It means you’ll have to work twice as hard to get rid of it!

The first step if you want to reduce your bust size is to strengthen your pectoral muscles!

1. Reduce your bust size with aerobic exercise

A group doing aerobics.
If you want to start with something light but safe, aerobic exercise is an excellent choice. You can do this for long periods of time without much effort.

There are many options for you to choose from: dancing, swimming, running, walking, or biking. This will help you burn calories and also improve your cardiovascular system.

Fat is the main source of fuel for these activities so you’ll quickly see results through weight loss. When you do them on a regular basis, you’ll also see an increase in muscle tone.

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2. Hand weights

This exercise will help reduce your bust size, eliminating fat from the chest area. All you need are some hand weights and to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, stand with your legs together and your back straight, looking down at the floor
  • Then take a deep breath while holding a weight in each hand
  • After that, raise your arms to hip height
  • Slowly lift them to the level of your chest, without bending your elbows
  • Do four sets of 10 repetitions each

3. Push-ups

A woman doing push-ups.
Push-ups are essential for toning the muscles and eliminating fat. You can do them anywhere, and they’re not complicated.

  • Firstly, lie face down on a mat on the floor
  • Then rest your palms on the floor and support yourself with your hands and toes
  • After that, flex your arms and place your hands level with your chest
  • Try to maintain a straight posture
  • Finally, flex your arms and press against the floor to push yourself up, and then lower to the starting position
  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions

4. Chest presses

If you want a smaller and firmer bust area, then this exercise is for you. You can do it with an exercise ball or any other light object that you can press.

  • Firstly, start by standing up straight and spreading your legs slightly
  • Hold the ball in both hands – it should be right at chest level
  • Then press your hands together hard until you feel your muscles contract
  • Hold for five seconds
  • Do 10 repetitions and then try to double the time you hold the press on your last one

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5. Ballerina arms

A woman doing ballerina arms.
This exercise doesn’t just help reduce your bust, it also shapes your figure and tones the muscles.

  • Firstly, stand up with your spine straight
  • Then bring your legs together and press your chest outward, slightly
  • You should be facing forward to avoid hurting your neck
  • Extend one of your arms and arch your back so that the tips of your fingers are at head height (simulating the position of a dancer)
  • Return to the starting position and repeat 10 times
  • Then rest and switch arms
  • Do three sets of 10 repetitions with each arm


  • Eat five small meals a day to boost your metabolism and avoid binge eating
  • Don’t abuse fatty or sweet foods that will increase body fat
  • It’s better to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and protein
  • Remember that diet and exercise should always go hand in hand, because if you simply lose weight without toning the muscle then it won’t help.

So, are you ready to get started?