5 Exercises That May Not Help You Lose Weight

03 January, 2020
We often believe that anything that makes us sweat helps us lose weight. However, there are some exercises that, although they have other benefits, don't help with weight loss.

We usually think that working out only helps us to lose weight, but that isn’t true.

There are exercises that won’t help you lose weight and that, on the other hand, are perfect for those that are already in good physical shape and only want to strengthen their muscles.

Keep reading because we’re about to tell you about these exercises.

1. CrossFit

lose weight

CrossFit is one of the exercises that will not help you lose weight but that has become very popular in the last few years. In fact, if you research it a little bit, you might find a specialized CrossFit gym near you, no matter where you live.

Although this sport is very intense, it’s not good for shedding extra pounds. Actually, what you could cause if you practice it without being in shape is a serious injury.

  • We recommend practicing CrossFit if you’re at your ideal weight, are in shape, and are used to working out. 
  • In addition, it would be a better idea to start with basic routines and watch your diet to avoid imbalances.

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2. Yoga

woman doing sun salutation yoga

Yoga is the stress-relieving counterpart of CrossFit, although it’s also one of the exercises that won’t help you lose weight. While on the outside it appears to be strenuous and intense, yoga is relaxing and overall tranquil.

It’s been in style for longer than CrossFit, and it’s a good option to begin to introduce sports in your life and improve your breathing and overall posture and well-being.

  • In terms of calories, one hour of yoga will burn approximately 150 calories.
  • By walking for 30 minutes, on the other hand, you can burn around 311 calories.

Start with just walking to start to strengthen your muscles.

3. Long Cardio Sessions

Long Cardio Sessions

Depending on your age, you might remember a few decades ago when cardio was the trendy workout. You could find a place to do cardio everywhere.

However, what nobody knew back then is that it’s one of the exercises that won’t help you lose weight. Cardio is a great option for:

Even though you won’t burn a lot of calories with one session of cardio, we recommend that you still do cardio to get in good physical condition. Make a weekly routine with two sessions of cardio, each for thirty minutes.

With time, you’ll notice that your breathing and physical resistance have improved. Two great examples of what will improve are speed of going up stairs and better breathing.

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4. Pilates


Pilates is another exercise that won’t help you lose weight and is very similar to yoga. It’s an exercise that has been practiced for many years and has excellent health benefits, including:

  • Improved flexibility,
  • Relaxation and elimination of tension, making it perfect for those extra stressful days,
  • Stronger muscles,
  • Recovery from injury in a gentle way without putting you at risk.

It’s an athletic option for older adults who can’t do more demanding sports. 

If you’ve had an injury that’s impeded your ability to move normally, ask your doctor if pilates would be good for you. In the majority of cases, it’s recommended and is very beneficial to recover your range of motion.

5. Exercises That Work Only One Part of the Body

Exercises That Work Only One Part of the Body

Other exercises that won’t help you lose weight are those that only work one part of your body. In the majority of cases, we practice them because they help us burn fat in specific problem areas.

The reality is that the majority of us prefer to save as much energy as possible. Therefore, when a routine promises us immediate results, we tend to believe it. However, you should know that to be healthy, you have to work all parts of your body. 

  • If you prefer to work specific zones, then plan your workout routine to work one area each day.
  • Also keep in mind that it’ll be necessary that you have expert supervision to control your progress so that you don’t dislocate something or injure yourself.

Depending on your characteristics, condition, and needs, it’s possible that including these exercises is the best option for you. This can only be decided by you and your doctor or your personal trainer.

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