5 Essential Keys for Female Healing

We need to be able to understand every life cycle in order to enjoy them and live them fully. We need to accept every change in our bodies, and take advantage of every moment, in order to realize true female healing.
5 Essential Keys for Female Healing

Last update: 31 March, 2019

Female healing means finding that essential link between each of us. It means holding our strengths tight, growing in freedom, integrity and most of all, happiness.

As you already know, life sometimes leaves a lot of internal wounds. Even though they can’t be seen from outside, we carry them like invisible weights. They stick to us every day, almost without our awareness, and they can even make us sick.

We live in a society where we’re slowly beginning to enjoy more power and greater access to public spaces that were, not too long ago, filled entirely by men. However, there are still certain things that seem to still remain unchanged.

A woman in today’s world has access to several professional options. However discrimination still continues to exist in very obvious ways (salary gaps, difficulties in getting promotions, problems negotiating…)

And on top of all of that, we often have the added family responsibilities (the house, children, and even oftentimes taking care of elderly family members).

All this means that sometimes, we end up forgetting about ourselves. We forget to heal as women.

Today we invite you to consider these essential keys, so you can reflect on them for a little while.

Keys to spiritual female healing

Sinister looking figure.

1. Understand your cycles

Life generally consists of phases and cycles. We need to face and accept the fact that when it comes to a woman’s nature, we take on greater transcendence.

  • The woman’s body is governed essentially throughout the entire period of her menstrual cycle. Later, she enters into a new vital stage: menopause.
  • Keep in mind that every body is unique. Every woman has her own challenges that she will have to understand.
  • Some women face painful menstruation; others, however, have to face early menopause.
  • Beyond our menstrual cycle, we also need to face our own life stages. Our youth is a fabulous stage that we sometimes have to live with our mistakes.
  • However, once we reach maturity, we enter another stage that we need to live fully and wholesomely. We should accept the passage of time but also enjoy this stage in which we must fight for new goals to happiness.
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2. Maintain an intuitive connection with your needs and what surrounds you

Intuition is nothing more that the voice of consciousness and that implicit wisdom acquired from your learning.

  • Sometimes, women themselves “turn off” this intuitive voice, because they’re so focused on others, on responsibilities, and external pressures.
  • In order to heal as a woman, you need to be able to listen to yourself, to tend to your needs, and be intuitive about everything around you.

3. You are a complete person

The woman that sees herself as an incomplete half, that needs to find a partner to give meaning to her life, and to find happiness, is greatly mistaken.

  • Whoever places her own happiness on someone else, has lost control of her own life. This is not right.
  • We are mature individuals, with the ability to be happy on our own. We have great strength to fight for what we want and what we need.
  • Love can turn up at the most unsuspected times, but this doesn’t mean that you should be obsessed with finding the perfect person to be happy.

First, become the person that you want to be, and you’ll be your own best company. This is true female healing.

4. Take care of your life every day, even though others could call you “selfish”

I’m sure that at some time or another, the following has happened to you: you’re so saturated by everything around you that you have to take the afternoon off.

  • When a family member or friend asks you to accompany them somewhere, and you say no, they get angry. There are also those situations that you need to cut at the root, because someone else is hurting you.
  • Whenever you take this step and free yourself from certain situations, someone may call you “selfish” for thinking only of yourself.

Don’t pay any attention to them. These words and criticisms are only malicious noise. No one is selfish for taking care of herself, for setting boundaries to protect herself, to continue being herself and not a puppet manipulated by others.

Naked women in a circle.

5. “Mend” those broken pieces

In order to heal yourself as a woman, you need to “mend” the pieces that are broken inside: failures, abandonment, disappointments…

  • If you don’t do this, you will accumulate so much internal emptiness that you will stop loving life, and even worse, you’ll stop loving yourself. Rather, you’ll turn back to leaning on the things around you in order to build your happiness.

So, mend those internal wounds by dreaming new dreams, taking new paths with courage and bravery. Those broken pieces need a stronger thread to hold them together, and you’ll find it with resiliency. This is an amazing part of female healing that we all possess.

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