5 Easy Dinner Changes to Lose Weight

Try to eat dinner early so your body has time to digest the food before going to bed. This will not only help you lose weight, but also to sleep better!
5 Easy Dinner Changes to Lose Weight

Last update: 15 March, 2019

Skipping dinner won’t help you lose weight, despite popular opinion. What you’ll actually be doing is making yourself more unhealthy. Eating well means living well, and so nothing will help you feel as good inside and out as making an effort make changes in your eating habits (like your dinner) to improve your health.

One example is the timing: when you eat dinner is absolutely a determining factor in how much weight you lose.

A heavy dinner late at night will make your body work extra hard to digest the food.

As a result, you’ll have trouble sleeping, and along with insomnia will come weight gain.

If you remember that little things can do a lot, you’ll understand how, without you even realizing it, those extra pounds, that sluggishness in the morning, that heartburn, and eventually that diabetes comes about.

You must take care of yourself, listen to your body, and make changes in the quality of your dinners.

Here we’ll tell you about 5 simple adjustments to make: they don’t cost anything and they’re easy!

Dinner changes to lose weight

1. Start with soup

A bowl of creamy soup for dinner

Carrot, celery, squash soup… It’s always a good idea to find a tasty recipe for a seasonal vegetable soup you can make at home. Healthy and delicious.

The reason it’s advisable to make it a part of your dinner, and the first part of it, is simple: it will help you feel satisfied and full.

It will also help you sleep better by improving your digestion while providing quality nutrition.

A hot bowl of soup is also good for anyone who comes home from work stressed out. It forces you to eat more slowly and is soothing for your stomach.

2. Why should I eat dinner early?

We know that it’s not always possible to eat dinner when you want to. It all depends on your schedule and obligations.

But as much as possible, it’s essential to follow this principle: you should eat at least two hours before going to bed.

That way you will be able to get 7 to 8 hours of deep, restorative sleep.

By making this simple change to your dinner habits, you’ll be giving your digestive system the chance to absorb nutrients, get some rest, lose weight and be healthy.

3. It’s not about having a small dinner, it’s about eating the right dinner

Salmon and vegetables for dinner

If the choice is between not having dinner and having a bag of potato chips for dinner, it’s best to have nothing. If it comes down to a baked potato and salmon with spinach, the latter will always be better.

It’s about eating well, make changes to assure you’re including healthy quality food in your dinner.

Here are some small guidelines:

  • Cooked vegetables are better than raw, as they’re more easily digested.
  • Fish is better than red meat, as your body likes fish protein better at this time of day, and the healthy fatty acids are wonderful for your heart and losing weight.
  • Add whole grains or seeds to your dinner two or three times a week: they will help repair your tissues overnight. (Be careful not to overdo it though.)

4. Say no to sauces, battered and fried foods

We know that when it comes time to make dinner, you probably don’t have much time or energy; that’s why you turn to the classic fried foods, frozen pizzas, battered fish fillets, crispy chicken…

Those don’t cut it for three basic reasons: they will make you gain weight, won’t fill you up, and take a lot longer to digest… Not to mention that they’re not especially nutritious.

So, to give an example, dinner ideas that will help you lose weight and be healthier are:

  • Fish that are high in omega 3’s
  • A piece of easily-digested fruit
  • A cup of oat milk with honey
  • Soothing teas like sage or lime blossom

5. Fruit at dinner time: yes or no?

A healthy fruit salad

Fruit at dinnertime can be bad for you if you pick heavy, sugary or processed fruit. The latter means that all its nutrients are gone.

  • One recommendation: baked apples are a great choice with dinner.
  • Papayas and pears are also excellent.
  • Bananas that are not too ripe though are fantastic for one specific reason: they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that will help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • A tasty option is gelatin, a good idea to have two or three times a week at dinner.

In conclusion, these 5 dinner changes are easy to apply and will help you out, not just with watching your weight, but also with taking care of yourself by creating good habits.

Are you ready to put them into practice today?

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