5 DIY Beauty Tricks in 5 minutes

We often get up in the morning, look in the mirror and spot something we don’t like or don’t have time to fix: a zit, frizzy hair, dry lips… we want to leave the house looking perfect yet only have about ten minutes to get ready. So what can we do? Calm down and check out these five simple DIY beauty tricks that only take five minutes!

1. How do I get rid of this horrible frizzy hair?

Who has not had this happen at least once? You get up in the morning and discover your hair in a monumental frizzy curl, typical of the 80s. What can we do? Remember, we only have ten minutes to spare. Well, firstly, we calm down and follow this advice: Take a half a cup of water and start wetting your hair bit by bit. Then, once it is wet, take a half a spoonful of almond oil and rub it onto your hands to then apply it to your hair. If you have your hair curled, shape each wave or ringlet. If you have it straight, grasp each piece from the root on down.

Some advice for making sure the feared frizz does not return: remember, it is better to wash your hair every other day. Make sure the water is not too hot. Use conditioners with almond, coconut or argan oil. Later, when you dry it with a hair dryer, never put it on too hot or with too much speed.

2. Cure and hide a zit


Every bit a classic: we look in the mirror and see a zit on our nose or cheek calling all attention to itself. We don’t like to see ourselves with this imperfection on our skin and did not have time the night before to apply treatment. What can we do in the morning if we have to leave the house in just a few minutes? Well, what we will do is quite easy. The first thing is to wash our face well with soap, getting rid of any impurity. Afterwards, take a little spoonful of lemon juice and take a bit of baking soda. Then apply it to the affected area, that is to say, the zit.

We will let the baking soda work for three minutes since more time could lead our skin to dry out. After this time has passed, wash it off and dry your face. Now we can add the makeup. When we have a zit or imperfection which is red, it is most adequate to apply a green colored corrector, since this tone will attenuate the red. Once applied (only a dab), we can apply our normal makeup, always making sure that it is hydrating and has properties to protect it from the effects of the sun. It’s so simple!

3. Say goodbye to bags under your eyes in 5 minutes!


It’s the most normal thing in the world; after a night of insomnia, tiredness… we have all suffered from uncomfortable bags under our eyes some time or another. To get rid of them and better the circulation in this always critical area of our face, the first thing we should do is put two small teaspoons in the freezer. Meanwhile, you can get dressed, have breakfast and/or pack your bag to leave the house. Then, once the spoons have cooled for some 3 or 4 minutes, apply them under your eyes in 20 second intervals. This will greatly alleviate your skin.

4. I need a conditioner!

cabello seco6Do you tend to always have dry hair with barely any shine? Do you need something quick to leave the house? Well then, you just need three things: water, coconut oil, and a small spray/ misting bottle.  A half a glass of water and a spoonful of coconut oil are enough. Some people may also add in a bit of aloe vera, but that always results in being a bit more difficult to mix.

It’s best that the water be lukewarm, never cold, since otherwise, the coconut oil will never mix well.  We put the two ingredients in the bottle, shake and then mist the contents over all of our hair. This way, you will make it smoother, softer, and shinier, plus it will give a very pleasing scent.

5. Dry or cracked lips? 

labios-azucarAre your lips dry, chapped and not looking very good? You just need 5 minutes to better their appearance. How? Very easy. The first thing you should do is apply a moisturizing lip balm. Afterwards, apply a good amount of sugar on your lips to act as an exfoliant. While you apply it with cotton, apply a slight circular massage to activate the circulation. This massage should last about three minutes.

Afterwards, with warm water (only slightly hot) we will start taking off the sugar, without stopping this little massage. You will see how in this way, you will come out smoother and more attractive. Don’t forget to repeat before sleeping as well.

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