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5 Different Ideas to Plant a Cactus

Cacti are a type of plant that's very easy to have at home. They require little care and combine very well with different types of decorations. Read on and we will tell you more about them.
5 Different Ideas to Plant a Cactus

Last update: 19 November, 2020

Decorating with cactus has become a trend. Although these small plants have attracted attention since antiquity, nowadays they have gained much fame because it is ideal to have a small green area in the home. Their characteristics are the main attraction for thousands of people; They are easily maintained, they retain water for several days, they are colorful and there are different shapes and sizes. Learn how to plant a cactus in this article.

The best of all is that, unlike other plants, they are very versatile and can be planted in different ways, in any type of container. Thanks to this, they adapt easily to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Are you thinking about planting cactus in your home? Do you want to use them as decorations? It is important that you consider some basic care and a series of ideas so that they look really fantastic. Take note!

Useful tips when growing cactus

For those who prefer striking and beautiful plants, that do not require too much care, these are ideal. Although some recommendations should be taken into account when growing them, it is not necessary to pay attention to them all the time.

  • A space with light and sun. To keep them in good condition it is convenient to provide an illuminated space, in which they can receive direct sunlight.
    • If you want to have them inside the home, put them in windows or places where the light is strong most of the day.
  • Good drainage. Drainage is as important as the sun when it comes to conserving these plants. This means that both the pots and the ground must avoid water accumulation.
  • Shallow pots. The roots of the cactus are quite superficial and do not require too much depth to maintain themselves. A shallow pot is the best option, since it does not accumulate water.
  • Moderate risks. In what has to do with watering, cacti are not like other common plants. Although it is not a matter of leaving them in full drought for a long time, it is essential to water them in a moderate way, until their land becomes dry again.
  • Space between plants. One of the most common mistakes when planting them in the garden is to put them too close together.
    • Although their growth is slow and some do not require much space, it is better to leave a certain distance between them.

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Ideas to plant a cactus at home

The best thing about these plants is that they can be sown in different ways, regardless of the space of the home they are going to occupy. This, of course, is a great advantage for those who wish to use them as decorations.

1. Create hanging baskets

Plant a Cactus

Since the roots of the cactus are quite superficial, the baskets are ideal for planting. The materials of this element facilitate their drainage and combine very well with the shape of the plant. Be very creative! Combine species of different sizes and textures for greater impact.

2. Make a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are fashionable. They are easy to make, and allow you to plant several species and they give a very special decorative touch.

Remember to use shallow pots, preferably flat ones. So, in addition to preventing moisture retention, you can place it on any wall.

3. Use cups

Use Cups

Do you have old cups that you no longer use? Dust them off! These elements are ideal for small cactus species, since large ones can tip over by weight. Put several types of cups on a tray and grow the cactus. This decoration is ideal for the kitchen.

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4. Shelving with cactus

A very original way to decorate with cactus plants is by using a shelf. It is an ideal choice for a study room or office. The advisable thing is that all the cactus plants have a same size so that it is a uniform row. However, it is good to choose different types to make the decoration more attractive.

5. Planter with wooden trunk

Planter with wooden trunk

For those who like a more rustic style, use our idea of ​planters with wooden trunks. It is a style suitable for both interiors, and gardens and terraces. All you have to do is empty a trunk and fill it with dirt. Then, you can plant the cactus you want.

Do you have other ideas to plant cactus? Do not hesitate to share them with us!

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