5 Diet Mistakes People with High Cholesterol Make

November 2, 2018

People with high cholesterol need to eat a certain way in order to treat this problem effectively. However, you may be making mistakes that are keeping you from seeing improvement.

Most people with high cholesterol know how important it is to eat well. However, due to not knowing or bad information, you may be making mistakes that may be ruining your efforts.

It can be very frustrating, since you may be unable to get your cholesterol down to normal no matter what you eat or what medication you take. The most concerning thing of all is that you may be even making the problem worse — and the complications can be quite serious.

That’s why you must find out what mistakes you’re making and why they’re so harmful, even if they seem harmless. Below you can find out about the 5 most common mistakes people with high cholesterol make. That way you can start taking control of this problem intelligently.

Diet mistakes and high cholesterol

Anybody who has been diagnosed with high cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia should follow the dietary advice their doctor gives them. Even if that means drastic changes in your daily diet, it is absolutely essential if you want to prevent more serious problems.

People with high cholesterol.

However, eating well doesn’t just mean eating more fruit and vegetables. While you may be unaware, there are other significant changes you should make. They also vary from person to person, since each body is different.

Do you think you may be making mistakes in your eating habits? Are you having trouble lowering your cholesterol? If so, then continue reading to find out if you’re missing the mark.

1. You don’t pay attention to sugar

Sugar consumption doesn’t have a direct effect on cholesterol levels in your body. However, foods high in sugar are often also high in harmful fats, like trans or saturated fat.


Eating this type of food on regular basis can make you gain weight. Being overweight or obese is very closely linked to high cholesterol. The high glycemic index of these foods elevates your blood sugar, something that damages artery walls over time.

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2. Only paying attention to cholesterol in food

Some people with high cholesterol think that eating better means cutting out any food that’s high in cholesterol. Well, that is indeed one thing you should do, but it’s a mistake to think that’s enough.

Cholesterol is a type of fat that comes from eating certain foods, but your liver also produces it. Therefore, eating less of it won’t suffice. You also need to avoid sources of trans fat and saturated fat because they overload your liver.

3. Cutting out all fat from your diet

This is probably one of the most common mistakes people with cholesterol problems make. It’s not a good idea to completely eliminate all food that contains fat from your diet. Instead, you should choose good fat.

Food contains a mix of different types of fat: saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated (omega 3 and 6). Out of these, you want to consume as little saturated fat as possible and increase your consumption of good fat.

Saturated fat increases your risk of heart disease, while unsaturated fat helps increase good cholesterol (HDL). This, in turn, helps protect your arteries. Examples of good fat are avocado, olive oil, and nuts.

4. Going from one miracle diet to another

Quick-fix diets sound like a shortcut to healthy cholesterol levels. The problem is that they’re restrictive and limit you to only certain categories of nutrients.

One pea on a plate representing restrictive diets.

That’s exactly why many of those who see quick results end up falling off the wagon a few weeks later. Although they lost weight and dropped a few sizes, they later returned to their normal eating habits and ruined all the effort they put in.

However, a good diet for lowering your cholesterol should be a permanent thing. If it only works for a few days, you’ll be back to your high levels and higher weight in no time.

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5. Taking statins with grapefruit juice

Doctors often prescribe statins to reduce their patients’ high cholesterol. However, consuming grapefruit at the same time is a mistake; it can keep the medication from being absorbed properly. Yes, it’s a healthy, low-calories fruit, but it’s not a good idea if you’re on statins.


It is very important that you correct your diet mistakes so that your treatment plan will work. You should also get regular check-ups because the problem doesn’t always have obvious symptoms, even if it’s wreaking havoc inside.