5 Cleaning Tricks if You Don't Like to Clean

For people who don't like to clean, dividing tasks into small doses can be a great solution. You can use these simple cleaning tricks to help!
5 Cleaning Tricks if You Don't Like to Clean

Last update: 15 May, 2021

Don’t like housework? Don’t worry, the good news is that there are some cleaning tricks you should know to make it easier to tidy up, sweep, and clean.

Maybe you’ve heard that keeping your house tidy every day prevents that uncomfortable feeling of having chores to do. If you’ve put this advice into practice, then you already know that, with small sacrifices, you can achieve a state of comfort and peace.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who don’t like to clean, don’t hesitate to follow some of these recommendations that differ from the idea of spending a whole afternoon deep-cleaning thoroughly.

Cleaning Tricks if You Don’t Like to Clean

The following cleaning tricks we’re going to share are just a few of the many that exist to save time and effort. Take note!

A mother and daughter cleaning the house together.

1. Use multi-surface cleaning wipes

This simple cleaning tool can offer you a great advantage for the daily cleaning of areas like the kitchen or the bathroom.

This is demonstrated by a study published by researcher Travis Lodhia at the University of Arizona, who determined that they act against bacteria such as E. coli.

  • For example, after washing the dishes, you can also clean the counter and the table with them. By dedicating one minute, you can leave these parts of the kitchen like new.
  • Similarly, you can also use them when getting out of the shower. Due to the steam, the faucets and mirrors will already be wet. Take advantage of this circumstance to leave the bathroom shiny.

An important consideration is that this product should be disposed of in the wastebasket and never in the toilet. Obviously, you should also know that you should not use them more than once or to clean the bathroom and another room using the same wipe.

2. Have a lot of storage

An organized garage with lots of shelves and bins.

Drawers, trunks, furniture and shelves are ideal for having an orderly house. In addition, the great advantage of having everything in its proper place is that, when you have the difficult task of sweeping, vacuuming, washing or waxing the floors, you should not need to be picking up objects throughout the house.

A very similar tip is to keep any surfaces clear. By this, we’re referring to the tables, especially those that you see when you get home or when you’re working.

However, if you have space for storage, it doesn’t mean that you can be a hoarder. Get rid of everything you don’t need.

3. Wash the dishes right after you finish eating

There’s only one thing that’s worse than washing dishes: Washing a lot of dishes. Therefore, avoid having mountains of dishes in your kitchen by devoting a few minutes after each meal to putting things in a bit of order.

It’s a habit that will take you a few days to incorporate. However, believe us, it’ll give you much more peace of mind.

4. Do one activity per day

We always have a couple minutes available for doing a little cleaing. It can be before an outing, before going for a nap, or while waiting for the water to heat up for coffee.

In those empty moments, pick up the broom without thinking and sweep the floor. You can also quickly dust the furniture with a cloth. Thus, by tending to a small thing every day, your house will always look ready for company.

Of course, at some point you’ll need to clean up a little more thoroughly. However, when the time comes, you’ll notice that many parts of the house are already clean.

5. Cleaning the bathroom is fundamental

Cleaning tricks that you should know to keep the bathroom clean.

As described in the following article published by the journal Impacto Odontológico, this space is one of the places in the house that most needs a good cleaning. The reason is that it’s almost always exposed to dirt and bacteria, as we use it several times a day.

For the bathroom, apply all the tricks discussed before. You should not leave items lying around. Try to clean a little each day. As we pointed out in the first tip, you can even do it while you shower or after a bath.

This room is, in fact, one of the places in the house that we most need to keep clean. The reason is simple: it becomes very exposed to dirt and bacteria, and you cannot avoid seeing it several times a day. As you may know, keeping it clean is easier than taking on the task of cleaning it after many days.

Surely, there’s probably other issues to deal with:

  • Mineral deposits
  • Stains
  • Dirty carpets
  • Grease
  • Scratches

The reality is that certain issues are unavoidable and must be done even if we don’t enjoy them. However, these little cleaning tricks can make the task considerably easier for you – put them into practice and see the results for yourself!