5 Children's Books Your Child Should Read Before They Turn 6

Reading is one of the best habits you can encourage in young children. Discover some books that will teach them certain values that are beyond their years
5 Children's Books Your Child Should Read Before They Turn 6

Last update: 20 October, 2018

Most children haven’t mastered the art of reading before they turn six. Many of them have learned to listen and become interested in children’s books by the time they are very young, however. Because of this, those early years of life are the best time to sow the seeds for a love of literature.

This is also the best time to help them relate reading with leisure and not with school or homework. Children love it when their parents read with them and take the time to immerse themselves in fantasy stories.

For this reason alone, regardless of the other benefits, reading with a child can demonstrate your love and strengthen your bond. What are some of the books you should read to your child while they’re still small?

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Today, we’ll share five good options with you.

Children’s books your child should read before turning six

To teach your child to love and show interest in books, you should start reading with them at a very early age. Although they may not be able to read on their own from the ages of three to six, reading about their favorite subjects out loud to them can encourage them to start.

If they already know how to read, even with difficulty, the next goal is to increase their interest in books. Pay attention to what interests them and what stories make them really want to know more.

Once you have this figured out, guide them toward some books that will help them enjoy reading even more. Here are five interesting options that will teach them certain values in addition to being wonderful books for children.

1-Sapo and Sepo, Inseparable

children's books
Arnold Lobel is the author of this book, which was written for children between four to six years old. Sapo and Sepo are two best friends who get into some exciting adventures where they learn the value of working as a team and sharing. It’s an easy story for the little ones to understand.


With a baby chick as the protagonist, Cocorico is a story that teaches children about the importance of listening to advice and keeping promises.

It also talks about how difficult learning and sharing can be. This story was written by Marisa Nunez and is based on a popular story from Burma. The illustrations are by Helga Bansch.

3-The Legend of Saint George

Knight stories are great for encouraging your children to read. In this book, Lluis Farre brings the tale of the legendary Saint George to life through a book with drop down illustrations and rhyming text that’s filled with humor.

4-Guess How Much I Love You

Written by Sam McBratney, this book is ideal for children between the ages of two and four. The main character is a little bunny rabbit who tries to make her mother understand how big the love she has for her is. It’s an illustrated story that you can read out loud with your child before they go to bed.

Guess How Much I Love You

5-The Three Little Pigs

The classic tale of the three little pigs and a big, bad wolf has been adapted by several authors, but is still one of the essentials for a child to read while they’re small. It combines a sense of humor with some lessons about hard work and friendship.

Why is it important for your child to read?

Reading has lots of cognitive and emotional benefits. The different stories can increase your child’s capacity for creativity and imagination, while also strengthening their language skills.

Helping your child see reading as something positive will give them many advantages in school and in life. Best of all, reading teaching certain concepts during their early years that are essential for healthy development.

Other benefits of reading for children include:

  • Feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Stimulating the brain
  • Strengthening the bond between parents and child
  • Expansion of vocabulary
  • Greater inspiration and a capacity for reflection
  • Creativity and development of critical thinking

In conclusion

There are lots of different books for your child to read while they’re young. You should become a role model when it comes to reading. Take the time to read to them out loud and teach them to read their favorite books. Never stop taking advantage of the benefits of reading!

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