5 Benefits of Drawing

· September 16, 2014

Drawing is an activity that we have all done at some point in our lives. When we are little, drawing has a special importance, as it is a form of expression and communication, at an age at which sometimes no oral language has been aquired yet.

Authors of all ages, countries, cultures, and social classes have delighted humanity with their works, demonstrating what they believe, want, their way of life…thereby demonstrating drawing as one of the great arts.

And you?  Do you draw?  Do you use drawing as a medium of expression?  Or do you only draw for fun?  Did you know that drawing also produces positive benefits for our health?

5 Benefits of Drawing for Our Health

Communication Benefits

Drawing helps our communicative range as it allows us to express in a different way what we feel, what we want, what our vision for something is, etc.  Through drawing, we are able to demonstrate multiple feelings, emotions, and thoughts.  This form of communication is especially relevant in people with disabilities who have communication deficits, or shy people who are not capable of verbally communicating in a fluid and natural manner.

Motor Skills Benefits

The use of different utensils to draw, like pencils, charcoal, or brushes helps us to develop our fine motor skills, especially in children.  Manipulating and grabbing with the hands goes perfectly with this medium that works in this capacity.  In adults, fine motor skills are reinforced.

Cerebral Benefits

Our brain actively participates in the activity of drawing.  The left hemisphere of our brain, responsible for logical tasks, is present, just as is the right hemisphere, responsible for creativity and imagination.  Therefore, when we draw, we are working with our brain and developing its capacity.

Mental Health Benefits

Drawing clearly benefits our mental health.  On one hand, drawing favors concentrationand helps us to acquire it, as when we draw, we can be focused on what we want to get across, and not on other things.  Also, it helps to distract us from difficult problems or difficult situations that we may be going through, while we do something relaxing and which allows us to go our own pace and create unhindered pieces of art.drawing of a family

Pleasure and Fun Benefits

Drawing is something that we can do in the company of others, promoting friendships and spending good times with friends.  It is a way of being clear-headed, calm, working with our brains, and having fun all at the same time.