5 Beautiful Hairstyles for an Effortless Look

For hairstyles to last longer and have a cleaner finish you may choose to apply hairspray at the end, or combing gel before you start working the hair
5 Beautiful Hairstyles for an Effortless Look

Last update: 25 December, 2019

We always look for the easy things in life, trying not let things get too complicated when we want something.

The same thing happens when we want to look beautiful, without knowing that the secret is already in our hands.

Today we’ll show you a wide range of easy hairstyles that will make you feel great whether going to work, to the park, or going for a walk with your children, and why not? They’ll also work great for a casual meet-up with your friends.

Create beautiful hairstyles in just a few minutes:

  • Bunches
  • Braids
  • Pigtails
  • Hair bands

5 beautiful hairstyles to look radiant:

1. Side-Swept Bangs

This is a special hairstyle for short hair, but it has an elegant finish that you can achieve in just a couple of minutes. You can even make it your favourite hairstyle and wear it daily, without any difficulty.

What will you need?

  • Black or coloured hairpins

How to do it?

  • Take your fringe and create a bulging shape at the front of your crown.
  • Fasten it with hairpins.
  • Grab small strands from the sides and start rolling each one towards the back of your head.
  • Use hairpins to fix them, preferably black for a sober and elegant hairstyle.

2. Crown Braid

A distinct way to look beautiful and carefree is with a crown braid.

It will stand out, having a chic touch and, at the same time, a classic look in your profile view.

What will you need?

  • A black hairpin for the braid

How to do it?

  • Take a medium-size strand near your fringe.
  • Make a braid until the end of the strand.
  • Warp the braid of hair behind your head, wrapping it like a crown.
  • On the other side, take a strand of hair of the same thickness and bring around your head, joining it to the end of the first braid.

3. Short hair with messy waves

To look sophisticated and chic with short hair, you have another easy option.

You’ll only have to devise a new look based on messy waves which you’ll quickly achieve an impact with.

What will you need?

  • Hair straighteners
  • Hairspray

How to do it?

  • Section your hair to one side, the one you like the most.
  • Then, with the help of the hair straighteners, create different twists with small tufts, but only at the tips.
  • You can make the waves turn inwards or outwards, even in both directions: the idea is that you get untidy, loose waves that stand out on your short hair.
  • Finally, once you have all the perfect waves, apply a little hairspray. Gorgeous!

4. Braided bun

Choose this hairstyle when you want a very sober style. It’s a simple hairstyle, fast and very elegant at times where you might require a little more sophistication.

What will you need?

  • Hairpins

How to do it?

  • Section your hair into two halves.
  • Then, knot the two strands in a braid.
  • Wrap the bun with the braids and tie them.
  • Adjust it with the hairpins in the surrounding hair and that’s it!

5. High pony tail

Elegant, original and discreet.

A fantastic high pony tail will make you look great, be it for a day’s work, or to enjoy a casual get-together with friends.

It’s both a practical and sensational option.

What will you need?

  • Hair bands for the pony tail
  • Hairpins

How to do it?

  • Start by raising the back of your hair up high.
  • Make a pony tail using a rubber band.
  • Pick a tuft from the bottom of the pony tail and wrap it around the hair band.
  • Fix the strand with the help of a pair of hairpins.
  • Make sure the hairpin is not too visible: otherwise, it will ruin the elegance of the hairstyle.

Try any of these easy, beautiful hairstyles and stay looking elegant all day, every day!

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