5 Awesome Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Find out ways to get the most out of your hair with these hairstyles designed especially for curls! Flaunt them!
5 Awesome Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Last update: 25 March, 2018

Everybody’s hair is different. It all depends on genetics, habits and treatments. Curly hair is just a hair type, but its softness and shine are up to you. 

On the curly scale, how curly is your hair? Soft curls, waves or afro? Always remember: having curly hair isn’t a bad thing. What is actually worrisome, though, are split-ends, dryness and an uncontrollable frizz.

You don’t have to cling on to your straightener or hairdryer all the time. If you know how to make the most of your curls, you can dazzle with a great hairstyle.

Nature gave you waves or curls, so why not take care of them?

You’re the boss and you can use them to the fullest. Before choosing a hairstyle, put our following recommendations into practice.

Advice for curly hair

  • The only way of eliminating frizz is by trimming the ends of your hair every month.
  • As soon as you finish your shower, untangle your hair using a comb.
  • Use conditioner and hair creams when combing.
  • Let your hair air dry.
  • Swap your towel out for a cotton shirt for drying. Doing so will keep your curls hydrated.
  • Don’t forget to start brushing from the ends to avoid harming your hair.
  • Braid or separate your hair into sections before going to bed.
  • If you like defined curls, you can use curlers at night and enjoy the results in the morning.

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1. Waterfall braid

curly hair

For this hairstyle, you only need to wait until your hair is completely air-dried. In it’s relaxed state, your hair parts naturally.


  • First, you need to take a section of hair and divide it into two equal parts.
  • Next, cross one part over the other.
  • You can add a little gel or wax so individual strands don’t stick out.
  • Start braiding a section of hair that wraps your head little by little until it’s all braided.
  • When finished, tie it to the other side with a small hair-tie and let your hair fall naturally into place.
  • To finish, you can add a little hair cream to fix up the rest of your hair and define your curls.

2. Crown braid

This is a pretty simple hairstyle. You can use it on casual days or for important events. In addition, you can even finish it within 10 minutes.


  • Begin by pulling the upper part of your hair into a ponytail.
  • After, make a 3-stranded-braid right underneath the ponytail.
  • Start in the front and finish towards the back of your head.
  • To finish your crown, you can use small hair-ties or pins to keep it in place.

3. Au naturel 

Au naturel 

If you can beat ’em, join ’em. Don’t suppress the volume of your hair, let the curls fly freely and be a part of your personality.


  • The first thing that you need to do is untangle your hair with a comb.
  • Apply some conditioner and a little hair cream to comb out the ends before going to bed.
  • Divide your hair into sections or braid your hair before sleeping.
  • When you wake up, undo your hair and loosen the curls using your fingers.
  • To finish, give it some moisture and apply something to keep the curls in place.

4. Gibson tuck

The Gibson tuck is a classic, elegant look that’ll flaunt your sophisticated side. Its origins stem from the 20th century. Although it looks complicated, you can actually make it in 5 simple steps.


  • Start by separating your hair into 3 sections, two small parts at each side.
  • Make two fish tails using the side sections.
  • After, tie the end of the middle section using a hair-tie.
  • Roll it up into a bun and fasten it using some hair-pins.
  • Pin the braids on top of the bun to finish.

5. Hair to the side

Hair to the side

This hair-do has a fresh, rebellious and daring feel to it. It’s perfect for those ladies that aren’t afraid of some attention or seeing what their hair can really do.


  • First, wet your hair and apply some hair cream to comb it.
  • After, make a part at the end of your eyebrow.
  • Divide the part into two sections and in each one, make a small french braid.
  • Tie them with two small hair-ties.
  • Finish the look with some gel or wax to keep it in place. Use some hairspray to fluff more volume into your hair.
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